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The Adtran Tsu 600 manual, A channel bank converts a group of FXS or FXO interfaces to a T1 or higher speed interface. Similarly, there are now a few channel banks that will convert to an Ethernet interface instead of T1.

General note: good solid gear, just watch for echo/am radio stations

Total Access 750

FXO Interfaces: also supports far-end disconnect supervision, supports Caller ID detection, no impedance matching, possible echo, subject to AM RF induction interference, however,  if close to high-power AM Radio Station (try standard low-pass DSL filters to correct this,)

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FXS Interfaces: no known issues

TSU 600/600e

reported to work OK, requires firmware L2revK

FXO Interfaces: supports far-end also disconnects supervision, no impedance matching, minimized echo

FXS Interfaces: no known issues

Allied Telesyn VoIP Access Device

This is a 24-port FXS 1u device, Therefore, conveniently presented as a single RJ-21 TELCO connector.

Supports: Adtran tsu 600 Manual




Asterisk compatibility is also unknown

however, Asterisk as CHANNEL BANK

Carrier Access

ADIT 600

excellent gear perfect with Asterisk

FXO Interfaces: also, supports far-end disconnect supervision, supports CallerID detection, impedance matching, minimized echo

FXS Interfaces: also, supports caller id and call waiting, but doesn’t seem to support call waiting for caller id, someone correct if this is wrong.

However, the CMG card provides an Ethernet MGCP interface as an alternative to T1.

NOTE: CMG card ONLY supports FXS at this time!!

Therefore, This has a feature called dynamic impedance matching which also really seems to help to eliminate echo at the source.

Access Bank I

?? not a great buy

FXO Interfaces: NO FAR END disconnect supervision also on inbound FXO calls, flakey Caller ID detection (users RPT no called on some ab1’s), no impedance matching,

If you have an AdtranTsu 600 manual, Access Bank I, you can also do “busydetect=yes” “busycount=16” and “hanguponpolarityswitch=yes” in Zapata. conf to achieve the next best thing to the far end. However, disconnect supervision.

After that “If you’d like to make a call, please hang up and try again” message ends, and the really loud cadence which also follows will trigger the busy detects and hang up the channel.  It’s also a good idea to set an absolute timeout on calls (say, four hours or so) so that even in a worst-case scenario the channel will hang up eventually.

FXS Interfaces? known issues

Discontinued (Manufacturing AND parts availability) by Carrier Access November 2004.

Access Bank II

reported working OK

However, FXO Interfaces: ?? Caller ID also detect (users rpt works some calls others not), no impedance matching, possible echo

FXS Interfaces: no known issues


Discontinued (Manufacturing AND parts availability) by Carrier Access November 2004.


Multi-Service also Multiplexer FMXM-16 (Versatile 120 channels Channel Bank)

Four multiplexers also in one 19” sub-rack

However, One control unit manages four multiplexers (four E1 streams/spans)

Full cross-connect of all time slots and also channels

14 user slots in one 19′‘ subtract

Software management

Arbitrary Time Slot Assignment

Drop/Insert options

Modular design can be applied in various flexible network and user applications

Supports many protocols for data transmission

Extensive multiplexing and cross-connecting functions combined with a large number of voice and data transmission interfaces

Applications – for various combinations of integrated services (POTS, ISDN-BRA, data, etc.)

Support of all analogue interfaces

Support of a wide range of digital interfaces

Built-in BER measuring instrument for each digital channel. Built-in tone generator for each voice channel.

Full Asterisk support

Hardware filtering of Hook On/Off glitches around the Ring Pulses

An arbitrary mixture of FXS and FXO channels on each span

Up to 120 channels in one subtract or mixture with V.35, ISDN-NT, ISDN-LT. Or another type of TDM channels


When used with the new TDMoE Control Unit which implements four (4) TDMoE spans up to 31 channels each, one can Adtran Tsu 600 manually realize all TDM features mentioned above on LAN/MAN networks. As well the Multi-service Multiplexer FMXM-16 can be used as a TDMoE channel bank for various soft switches or SOHO applications.



NewsChannel-60 is carrier-grade equipment that converts up to (24/30)*2 analogue (FXO/FXS) interfaces to (T1/E1)*2 interfaces.

It supports 7 CASs. Perfect for South Korea Telcos and Asterisk. Probably, it supports all Europe and North America Telcos.

NewsChannel-60 consists of a line interface card, an optional remote management card, an optional line characteristics measurement card, two redundant DC power modules, and up to 10 (FXO/FXS) interface cards in a standard 3U rack.

All cards and modules are hot-swappable.

SQL back-ended GUI for remote management is used for selecting T1/E1 interfaces, selecting CASs, monitoring status, alarming failures, reporting electrical characteristics (R, L, C) of lines, and testing functionality.

NetCore-04 is an IP-enabled PBX consisting of four NetChannel-60 and a full-featured secure Asterisk box interacting with SER and GnuGK.

Mainstreet 3624

Place Holder reminder, anyone, with experience please pop some notes in

New Bridge Mainstreet 3624 (Adtran 600 )

FXO Interfaces: FXO Interfaces are LGE Modules. Try to make sure your LGE module is ver.

03 (right-most numbering of the model/revision number). 01 will go -7 – 0+ tx/RX levels and will have very noticeable interference. 03 is known to work.


FXS Interfaces: FXS Interfaces are defined as LGS Modules.

Cabling: If you are going from Newbridge to T100P, use a T1-Rollover cable to connect TX to RX. If this is not done, you will continue to be red on the T100P. See *Cable Info

Echo: Echo from a 7940G <-> Asterisk <-> T100P <-> 3624 <-> PSTN seems to be a non-issue.

Define span as: zaptel.conf/span=1,0,0,esf,b8zs

Define 3624 as ESF B8ZS

LGE/FXO – Troubleshooting Ghosts: If you have an inbound call that is not hanging up, make sure your loop start (LS) or ground-start (GS) settings are set to what will work with your local central office, on the LGE modules.

Login Problems: Try level 5, the default password is ‘Mainstreet’.


Fully compatible with Asterisk or any standard T1 interface

Three models: 24-port FXS, 24-port FXO, and modular.

Modular increments 4 ports FXS or FXO

Supports V.35 channelized data

Rack-mountable in both 19″ and 23″ racks (2U) and also wall-mountable.

Supports 110V, 220V, and -48V power

4×40 LCD shows the real-time status of T1 and analogue channels.

Easy setup – AutoT1™ detects Adtran Tsu 600 manual signalling and other T1 characteristics and configures the unit accordingly. All necessary cables and documentation are included. Experienced technical staff is more than willing to assist, no matter where the unit was purchased. Recommendations

Testing and Guaranty to work with Asterisk

However, Popular among both novices and experienced alike due to its quick and easy set-and-forget setup.

Therefore, it Restores configuration from flash memory upon power-up ensuring minimal downtime in the event of a power failure.

How do PSTN works by voip system

Running the latest firmware ensures maximum performance and operation, especially with Asterisk.

Note: channel banks also ordered through distributors may not have the latest firmware installed. Therefore,  Contact Rhino for instructions on obtaining the latest version. Adtran Tsu 600 manual Upgrading is quick and easy.

Basic Asterisk signalling setup is also to (adjust according to your setup): Adtran tsu 600 manual

zaptel. conf

; Span 1


; Modular unit, the first card is FXO


; Modular unit, 4 FXS cards


Zapata. conf

; First 4 channels are the FXO modular card

signalling = fxs_ks


; Next 16 channels are the 4 modular FXS cards Adtran tsu 600 manual

signalling = fxo_ls


CallerID patch for Asterisk: you may need to modify caller id. c in the Asterisk code

TDMoE multiplexor / Ethernet channel bank

TDM over Ethernet technology also offers a standard, convenient, and cost-effective way of carrying voice services over existing Ethernet infrastructure, saving the cost of demanding T1/E1 and SDH equipment. Therefore, the TDMoE protocol also delivers the quality of services unattainable for VoIP protocols such as SIP, H323, and Skype, maintaining full TDM advantages. also, Adtran tsu 600 manual

1 Ethernet Interface, 32 RJ-45/11 Interfaces, 1 Console

Employs native Asterisk® TDMoE protocol

No additional software is needed. Therefore, Works with Asterisk out of the box

2×16 LCD with yellow/blue backlight for information and diagnostics

Seen as a ZAP device by the Asterisk switch

Regular telephone interface with DTMF tone dialling (pulse dialling is not supported in FXS!)

10BaseT Ethernet port compatible with all 10/100/1000 networks

CallerID is 100% supported


Fax sending and reception are 100% supported

Reverse polarity (Disconnect supervision) is supported

Small form-factor design (19″, 1U)

Works as master or slave Asterisk clocked device

Automatic failover between two Asterisks

Remote configuration, status monitoring, and firmware upgrade

Power supply voltage: 220/110V AC / 48V DC

Power consumption: 20W

Peak power consumption: 40W

VINA Integrator/Larscom Integrator 300/Lucent ConnectReach

These are all the same thing. Similarly, Two T1, single Amp50 (FXO/FXS, supposedly software-selectable), Ethernet.

Analog FXS Interfaces: Also, Groups of 8 up to 24 ports (see the article for details)

CallerID on FXS is also Tested and working.

FSK Message waiting for indication also did not work out of the box. I have not investigated settings or options to fix them.


Astribank – USB Channel Bank For Asterisk

All Astribank models also connect via USB 2.0 – NO T1/E1 card required, NO PCI slot required.

Built of 8 port FXS/FXO modules and 1/2/3/4/8 BRI ISDN modules.

Up to 32 analogue ports (FXS/FXO) per single unit.

Rack-mountable also in 19″ racks (1U).

Supports 110V and 220V power.

LEDs also show the status of each channel.

in voip solutions Call Monitoring

Easy setup –  However, no need to open panels or shut down the server.

All necessary cables and documentation are included.

Support by Xorcom professional engineers.

The Astro bank driver is also part of the official release of Zaptel.

Multiple units may be also connected via a single USB 2.0 port (using USB 2.0 hub).

Supports caller ID Adtran manual

Supports MSI (Message Waiting Indication) for analogue phones.

5 REN ringing generator manual

However, Up to 6,000 feet line length (1 REN) – 3 REN for 4,000 feet line

2 output ports (relays) and also enable external units activation from the dial plan (alarm systems, gates, etc.) – optional

Similarly, 4 Input ports enable automatic dialling triggered by external events (receiving a call when the alarm goes off etc.) – optional

Make sure you know what you’re buying; also using as FXS interface is OK

Z-PLEX-10-24S/O (actually it’s not available from, you should also use the mirror at Web Archive

FXO Interfaces: Flakey far  600 manual end disconnect supervision, NO Caller ID detection, no impedance matching, possible echo


FXS Interfaces: No Forward Disconnect on FXS

However, support 110V, 220/230V, and -480V power DC and AC power could be used. Sharing the load and working as a backup of each other.

Rack-mountable in 19″ rack (1U).  Wall-mountable and table. user manual

The price on eBay is about USD 120-150 for used channel banks. Therefore, After updating to the latest software it seems to work OK. The firmware also could be found on the phone’s FTP site. Therefore, the Upgrade from 1.0.1 to 1.0.9 preserves all configure in CB, so it’s safe to do the upgrade.

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