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8 Questions to Ask Before Phone Porting

It seems that porting phone numbers or moving numbers from one transporter to the next is something that should be simple. There are some phone numbers that you have with an existing transporter. You will need to transfer them to MCM or another transporter to continue your journey. Even if you are new to port, you should be aware of the many entanglements that can occur if you don’t have all your affairs in order. The good news is: With a little arrangement, virtually all of these entanglements can easily be avoided – phone porting information. 

These 8 questions to ask before porting phone numbers will help you to quickly acknowledge income.

1. What is the best way to communicate?

Number porting can be complicated with many steps and subtleties. You and your clients should be able to identify where each number is at all times. As the process progresses, it is important to know what data your new transporter needs and to make the appropriate inquiries. As with many business processes, presumptions about porting can be disastrously fast. It is better to over-convey than take a chance with large components.

2. Are your numbers really small?

This is an important one as the inability to verify versatility can cause you to come to an abrupt halt. Many transporters provide a number of versatility checkers on their website or entry. Just enter the number or each of your numbers via mass transfer or API, and hit the button. Now you know the answer to the most important question your clients may have. If you are able to tell your clients and their clients early what numbers aren’t convenient, it will save you a lot of time and face-later – phone porting information.

3. What is the port-out process of your current transporter (don’t be suspicious)?

Check to see if your current transporter allows incomplete ports. Is it possible to choose which numbers you want to port or are you required to port all of them at once? It is important to check if the current transporter has a Customer Service Record (CSR). If the CSR is available, simply obtain it. To ensure that the port is successful, it is important to find out what data the transporter currently has.

4. Do you believe that you are trying to port idle telephone numbers?

Make sure you check the number(s), which you are trying to port, and that they are all active. Porting a dormant phone number is difficult. If you don’t keep up with this, it can cause significant delays and disappointment for your clients as well.

phone porting information

5. Do you have any orders that are still open or coming?

Transporters will often dismiss port out requests if there are open or future port requests. This will not cause you to lose significant time or income. Instead, realize the situation and you’ll be able to continue your journey.

6. Is your new driver able to keep up with all the phone number highlights that your clients expect?

Even if you have been working with an equivalent carrier for a while, it is possible that you don’t know that not all carriers support every telephone number component or usefulness. Your new client relationship will likely be complicated if you remove expected elements from the correspondence. It is essential to be clear about what the new transporter has to offer and to communicate any changes to your client(s) well in advance of the “go live” date with the new carrier – phone porting information.

7. What is your Billing Telephone Number?

Each record contains a telephone number that is used to charge the Billing Telephone No (BTN). You can usually port this number anytime, but your current transporter may expect you to find another one if you have other numbers in your record. This number is important in case your transporter asks.

8. What is the record number and pin of your current transporter?

Your record number and your PIN are important. This is how your transporter distinguishes from you and it’s related to your charging. These two bits of data are essential for transporters if you plan to port remote numbers.

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