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6 Infamous Phone and Voicemail Pranks

6 Infamous Phone and Voicemail Pranks

Although it may appear that pranking strangers through the phone is something that only teenagers can do, the reality is that radio DJs and adults enjoy this hobby. You can get into the Hall of Fame with pranks of any kind. 6 Infamous Phone and Voicemail Pranks the most outrageous and magnificent calls happen when the caller calls someone who is a celebrity or a parent in need. This listing contains the most popular phone pranks, voicemails, and messages.

Sarah Palin then became a Vice President hopeful. She was offered a phone number by Nicholas Sarkozy in 2008, who is the President of France. Marc Audette & Sebastien Trudel, a Quebec comedy troupe (also acknowledged as The Masked Avengers), called Palin. They exchanged 5-minutes of words about hunting and Sarkozy’s’see Belgium from right there’. Dick Cheney also discussed the potential 2016 Presidential bid. 6 Infamous Phone and Voicemail Pranks obvious jokes and an exaggerated French accent, Palin was unable or unwilling to understand the call. Palin was by the jokesters, who then did it for her (and others).

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Enrique Santos (Miami radio) called Hugo Chavez Venezuela’s president Joe Ferrero. The pair used taped clips with Fidel Cuba, Cuba’s president, as a starting point to seduce Chavez. These clips were taken during a private meeting between Castro in Mexico and Vicente Fox. The clips were launched to the media twelve months ago. After a while of bantering and a few more, “Castro,” Chavez or the presenters interrupted to reveal who they were. They then shouted insults towards the Venezuelan chief, and they got up to leave.

Pierre Brassard, a Canadian DJ, made a fake identity as Jean Chretien Canadian Prime Minister. As a result, he was able to 15 minutes of live communication with Queen Elizabeth II. 6 Infamous Phone and Voicemail Pranks said that he was at Queen Elizabeth II for her support of Canadian Unity and that she had promised her to influence the referendums against Quebec’s Separation. She did not realize that the decision became a humorous story. The Palace later called the incident’stressful’. The BBC had prerecorded and broadcasted the display. So brand and BBC had a responsibility to express their regret that Sachs had received more than 500 emails. see also voicemail.

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In 1998, DJ Steve Penk entered Downing Street’s telephone line as William Hague. Blair quickly grasped the humor of the story. Hague kept calling Blair, his first call to him, ‘Prime Minister. 6 Infamous Phone and Voicemail Pranks the maintained a sense of humor and continued to joke with Blair. Hague even gave Blair Penk’s exercise software.see also What is a PBX System and How Does It Work?

John Elmo & James Davidson made chain phone calls to New Jersey’s Tube Bar. Louis Deutsch owned this bar at the time. The callers might ask purchasers for humorous or obscene phrases or homophones (Al Coholic/alcoholic/Ben Dover/bend over, and many others.). Sometimes, Deutsch could respond with hostility and threats. The tapes are famous for their use in the 1980s. Matt Groening of Simpsons had a duplicate. Simpsons’s strolling gag saw Bart Simpson refer to himself as Moe Szyslak, asking for funny-sounding nicknames. see also jacksonville.