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5 Phone Hacks Every MCM User Should Know About

Phone hacks, Whether you work remotely or at the office, it is essential to have specialized tools to communicate with colleagues and team members. Although group informing and video meetings play a critical part, the simple call and the instant message remain the foundation of business correspondences.

If you’re using your phone to answer questions or settle disputes, you’re missing out on some powerful ways of finishing the job.

These are five professional phone hacks that all My Country Mobile (MCM) clients should know:

1. Answer an inbound call by leaving a voice message

It doesn’t matter if you are in a noisy area or a group. Answering calls is not always helpful. So If you are a vital client, accomplice, or chief, recognizing the ring is a good idea.

MCM MVP allows you to dismiss a call, answer a guest with a predefined voice message or message-to-discourse, also all this with just a click. This is the secret.

Tap Reply with Message whenever you receive a call. Then you can choose from a variety of pre-programmed messages or enter your message.

Your guest can also respond to your message as if that weren’t enough. When they accept your message, they will have the option to press 1 to repeat it, 2 to leave a voicemail, and so on.

Instructions to reply with a message

2. Phone hack Set custom ringtones

MCM User Should Know About
MCM User Should Know About

While custom ringtones can add character and tone to your calls, they can also be used for other purposes. These are just a few creative ways to use custom ringtones.

1. Family and friends are the most important.

You can quickly identify who is calling and set custom ringtones to help you focus on the most important people in your life. You can also activate the “Don’t disturb” mode to allow specific numbers to call you.

2. Spam calls are not to be ignored or recognized

Spam calls are inevitable and a great executioner, especially for specialists and those who answer the phone regularly. You can set custom ringtones to avoid repeating numbers, or you can create ringtones that only your most important guests will hear.

3. You must balance your personal and professional life.

You should be completely disconnected from your work phone when it is an opportunity to turn it off. S0 You can easily discern if the guest is business-related or not.

4. Get out there

As we decorate our work areas with custom ringtones, we can express our thoughts. You can either use a premade MCM ringtone or create your own.

3. Switch from portable to Apple CarPlay/Android Auto

Crossover and remote work often mean that you have to accept assembles or conferences. However, there are still risks when you use a phone while driving. Phone hack, For example, drivers with handheld telephones have a higher accident risk than drivers without them.

MCM works with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This allows you to make calls, join gatherings, and keep your phone on the go while being mobile.

CarPlay capabilities

Voice Command allows you to make a call and place a call

Answering Incoming Calls will be displayed on the CarPlay Show

Use Voice Command to communicate or reply to messages

Send Messages. CarPlay will allow you to view notifications and choose to respond or skip.

View Notifications

So Each version of Android and Apple has its own set of functions that are unique to their respective applications.

4. Phone hack Forward phone messages and Fax messages

MCM MVP makes it easy to send phone messages or eFax messages. It takes only a few clicks. This ease-of-use and usability are essential in many ways:

1. Faster response

If you receive an urgent voice message or an eFax message while you are busy, you can forward the message to an associate so they can address the problem first.

2. Phone hack Better consumer loyalty

Ask for more information. Send the message to the right person to ensure, also. You have the information you need to answer your client’s question.

3. Close deals

Phone hack Potential leads and potential clients may frequently need quick responses to their questions. Being slow can cause problems for those who are still open. So Your group can respond quickly to potential clients by using eFax access and moment voice messages.

5. Phone hack In a matter of seconds, you can flip from PC to portable (or vice versa)

Present specialists move around taking people from their homes, cars, and offices to various gatherings. Therefore, If you are an essential member, you can leave a conference to change gadgets. Call Flip allows you to switch gadgets during a call, making this shuffling consistent. In addition, call Flip makes it easy to switch between devices without interrupting the meeting. However, This allows you to bring your friends along and help you stay productive no matter where you are. Phone hack, You can do it. Give them a chance. All MCM MVP clients have access to these telephone highlights. To give them a try, open your MCM application.see also node conference.

So Do you want to learn more about MCM telephone highlights? Ask for a demonstration or associate with an MCM subject matter expert to see how telephones play a fundamental role in the crossover and far away working environment. Read more about 5 Phone Hacks Every MCM User Should Know About.  and we are also Offered a10 perfect sales pitch examples and how to write your own.