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3cx Active Directory Integration

3cx active Directory Integration, Retrieve a value in the LDAP Listing host (e.g. OpenLDAP or even Active-directory ).

LDAPget doesn’t need that you make use of a particular LDAP schema. However, 3cx active Directory Integration

LDAPget(varname=config-file-section[/ / key1,key2,…])

To research the Caller Id’s title you can configure your own extensions.conf such as that:

The corresponding segment From the ldap.conf file may look like that:


Host =

variant = 3

consumer = cn=root,ou=men and also women, 3cx active Directory Integration

move = top secret

filter = (&(objectClass=person)(|(telephone number =%)(facsimile =%s)))


foundation = ou=address book (

Even the”%s”therefore will probably be substitute by key1,key2, etc..

Asterisk factors in the filter’ and also foundation’ are also assessed. That Means You could also Compose the case above such as that:

With all also the subsequent filter at LDAP.conf

Filter = (&(objectClass=person)(telephonenumber=undefined)(facsimile =undefined)))

Suggestion: About Marcos, you can utilize AddressBook2LDAP to Export your own Address-book into an LDAP directory.

Yield Worth (3cx Active Directory Integration)

If the requested key isn’t discovered, it becomes a concern n+101 when readily available.

Model info 3cx Active Integration.

LDAPget() just isn’t comprised also in Asterisk releases or CVS; it is a third-party app.

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