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280 characters Twitter announced a significant change to all clients. The shift from 140 characters to 280 characters per tweet was made. We are currently examining how clients can benefit from the new Twitter configuration, which has become one of the most critical channels for client service.

After the tests on Twitter, a general rollout

This change came after a lengthy beta test during which the change was made to a limited number of clients. As a result, informal organizations found that 9% of tweets were sent as far as possible instead of 1% for tweets shorter than 280 characters. This is a way for clients to have more space to express themselves on Twitter.

Although this change will make tweets longer, Twitter promises clients that they will still be fast and responsive. During the tests, clients with a 280-person limit sent short messages: only 5% of the tweets were more than 140 characters.

It is also worth noting that participants in the test spent less time altering tweets to refer to the cutoff. This has allowed them to take more action in the informal community and increased their level of commitment.

Organizational implications

This change means more time to answer customers in the business world. It can be challenging to answer complex questions in 140 characters. This makes it easier for clients to contact the board via Twitter. Organizations will be able to use the new 280-person cutoff.

Limit messages to 140 characters: Clients and organizations may be required to limit the spread of messages beyond a few tweets. This could lead to a decrease in response time and was not an ideal solution for discussion follow-up. This is why the 280-person limit helps to reduce the number of messages.

Avoid diverting to other channels. It is common for brands to redirect their clients from Twitter to different media (email, phone…). From a client experience perspective, this is a bad practice. Organizations have more space available so that they can answer directly on Twitter. Private messages are the best way to share sensitive information (individual subtleties, client numbers).

Reduce time spent on tasks: As Twitter’s test revealed, specialists spend less energy trying to make their messages fit the criteria. They will also respond more in the nitty-gritty.

Thierry Moussu is Head of Digital Relations at Direct Energie. He has observed that customers’ queries are also more detailed.

“The majority of our customers who reach us via Twitter use the additional space to explore their queries, which are much clearer. In addition, our customers benefit from our special appreciation, which allows us to respond faster to their inquiries.

Twitter is an excellent example of this fast-paced time management: 79% expect a reply from brands within a few hours.

You can use Twitter to communicate more effectively with the brand’s tone. The limit of 280 people gives specialists more room to respond to the organization’s tone. Some specialists choose to keep track of the specialist’s name to feel closer and have more room for their message content. Clients may not see truncations all the time, so they use truncations. A few companies also use emoticons, images, and GIFs to help answer questions more creatively. This type of detail can be added to specialist responses more efficiently.

“As far as possible multiplying is uplifting news to our own brands’ distributions via Twitter as well: We don’t have to abbreviate or use abbreviations or truncations anymore, our tweets will be much clearer.”

MCM Engage customers have noticed that 35% more characters are used by client care specialists to answer queries since the change.

This innovation can help clients care more effectively on Twitter, allowing organizations to respond faster and comprehensively. Over the last two years, the number of tweets related to client care has increased by 250%. It is vital to be available on this channel and make sure that you pay attention to all inquiries.

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