Best India Virtual Phone Number Providers

Best India Virtual Phone Number Providers come to the right spot if you're looking for a VoIP number in India. We can assist you regardless of whether you're changing providers, searching for an affordable option, or are just beginning to explore virtual numbering.

Best India Virtual Phone Number Providers - My Country Mobile

Top India Virtual Number Providers

No matter what reason you have, it doesn't matter if you are looking for the best VoIP service for your business that offers the best quality services and calls for companies and the lowest cost pricing.

It’s not easy to research yourself in choosing the right virtual number service provider. This is an important decision that could be beneficial or harmful to your 240 Area Code business. So we searched on the internet to find the most trustworthy virtual number service providers in India. They’ve been in operation for quite a while and have seen constant growth in this sector. We’ll look at the following companies.

They offer a robust feature set, including features such as one thing to note: they do not offer outbound calling with their Office IVR System and only offer outbound calling in their “cloud call center” plans.

Best India Virtual Phone Number Providers

The Office IVR System appears to be a virtual number for inbound calls that lets your employees take calls from potential clients and customers. They offer both toll-free and local virtual numbers. You should not immediately disclose the kind of number you'll need to use for calls to outbound.

Best India Virtual Phone Number Providers - My Country Mobile

How We Compared the Top Providers

You can choose to select the virtual Indian number that is local and cost-free or one that will cost you real money.

This post will go in-depth on some of India's top virtual phone number providers, their feature sets, pricing.

My Operator has two plans available for their Office IVR System, also called an inbound virtual telephone number.

There are many aspects to take into consideration when you're considering buying an India virtual number.

Global Call Forwarding offers only India toll-free virtual numbers but offers five different plans to accommodate any need.

Global Call Forwarding

GlobalCallForwarding, owned by United World Telecom, is a virtual number and contact center solution provider, offering toll-free, local, and mobile phone numbers in over countries worldwide. Global Call Forwarding also provides a wide array of services. They also provide call recording, which carries a per month per minute charge. If you would like to use your virtual India toll-free phone number for outbound calling, you will have to purchase their outbound calling package.