Advanced Cloud Contact Center

With My Country Mobile (MCM) advanced Cloud Contact Center Software, you can begin your path to a higher level of consumer care. You won’t be disappointed with low installation time, enterprise-grade safety, and highly customizable choices!


What precisely is Cloud Contact Center Solution?

My Country Mobile helps enterprises to perform multi-channel customer interactions by providing a suite of software, tools, and cloud-based solutions. Phone calls, multimedia, mail, Text, chat, and other popular methods of communication are all supported.

A cloud contact center offers transparency, adaptability, and simplicity of secure authentication with little deployment time and nearly no upfront cost. You can focus on the core activities of your organization while network operators like MCM handle the hardware component and assure improved reliability and business process.


Working Of Cloud Contact Center

Cloud contact centers provide a revolutionary approach to customer service. They employ cloud technology so that they can be accessed from anywhere globally! The cloud contact center is a novel solution for organizations to handle phone conversations in the most cost-effective way possible. 

These services are provided by a third party, meaning you simply pay once rather than every month or year as with traditional ways! By doing so, businesses may escape the hefty upfront expenses of traditional on-premise call center systems.

These services’ features and qualities may be modified to meet the demands of every enterprise, making them an appealing alternative to on-premise choices. A cloud contact center system generally operates in the following ways:


Combines many communication channels

Merge omnichannel into a unified system to guarantee that operators may connect with consumers in several ways.


Offers extensive and intelligent call routing

Offer call routing to assure that consumers and clientele may easily reach a trained representative.


Agent Administration

Control operators effectively use digital interaction tracking and statistics, quality improvement, performance appraisal, gamification, and other tools.

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Simplify using Automation and Statistics

Create data-driven choices to boost organizations using AI, insights, business analysis, and real-time reporting skills.

Reason You Should Use Cloud Contact Center Software Your Company

Rapid Implementation of Omnichannel Consumer Engagement

The cloud contact center software enables firms to move more easily toward omnichannel consumer interaction, which connects all consumer touchpoints.

Readiness for Remote Work

Allow your operators to work from home or any other location that is convenient for them. Calls can be sent straight to their mobile phone or softphone, lowering the overall operating costs of the contact center.

Modernization of Contact Centers

With the correct contact center infrastructure in place, you can lay a solid basis for providing excellent consumer service and benefit from better business operations.

My Country Mobile's Cloud Contact Center Solution meets expectations. Forever.

Seamless Omnichannel Consumer Engagement

Determine and add the channels via which your consumers prefer to connect with your company, and then service them without requiring your personnel to switch among displays.

Allocate tickets to the appropriate operators in the staff for inquiries received via phone calls, emails, and other chatting platforms. It improves overall efficiency while also significantly enhancing the consumer experience.

With MCM's Omnichannel ticket management solution, you may generate automated helpdesk tickets for any inquiries received via email and social media networks. You'll also be able to accept voice calls!

Seamless Omnichannel Consumer Engagement

Unifications of Contact Center Systems

Workforce management systems, Crm systems, and other legacy systems should all be integrated. MCM interfaces with various well-known out-of-the-box resources and offers APIs for new connections.

With broad connectivity options, you can manage omnichannel interactions and allow your consumers to approach you via their chosen channel.

Utilizing CTI, you may improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your call routing path. Cellphone, IVR, and ACD may link smoothly with the resources and database.

Virtual Contact Center Solution

MCM's advanced contact center software helps organizations solve distant IT infrastructure difficulties by providing a complete overview of all remote networks, devices, and surroundings.

Allow your contact center operators to check in from any location at any time. Operators and supervisors may access the system from any device - desktops or cell phones, all browsers, and any location, either at home or at work.

Implementing new software that interfaces with current ones or selecting a system that already contains several systems integrated into it may improve the effectiveness of virtual contact centers.

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No-Loss Switching: A smooth transition to the cloud that does not disrupt existing activities

Making the shift to a cloud-based contact center system may boost ROI. But there's more to MCM than that. We implement a seamless setup that does not interfere with your existing activities. So you wouldn't miss any business when you go to the cloud.

Moving your conventional contact center to the cloud allows you to provide a more lucrative and efficient experience for both operators and supervisors.

They have no usage difficulties because the majority of operations stay the same on the cloud because the move is effortless and seamless. The only difference they will notice is increased comfort and safety.

Ease of Transition: MCM's easy cloud migration will alleviate your concerns

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Contact Center that is entirely web-based

Legitimate online communication is autonomous of any software program or browser plugin and allows browser-friendly interaction.

Genuine peer-to-peer conversation with sound isolation; conversations are protected for increased security.

Why do renowned corporations prefer MCM’s Cloud Contact Center Software?

Adaptability and command

MCM recognizes that your company is different, as are its demands. It allows you to establish your company-specific settings, rules, dashboards, and statistics and handle your business prompts.

Committed Assistance

MCM has a specialized help desk available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Its users can designate concerns to the support staff, which resolves them to their delight according to pre-defined SLAs.

Uptime of 99.9%

Your consumers can contact you anytime, implying that your contact centers must always stay operational. MCM has a 99.9% uptime guarantee, allowing your processes to function constantly in the cloud.

Skill in Consumer Engagement

MCM has been delivering consumer engagement solutions over the years, assisting consumer-facing companies in streamlining and improving their user engagement across many channels, such as voice, mail, chatting, social networks, video calling, and texting.

Trustworthy and Secured

As a significant provider of IT security, we ensure that your systems are safe from the most recent attacks. Our methodology involves end-to-end internal testing and periodic VAPT certification with independent third-party companies specializing solely in these concerns, providing you peace of assurance regarding security!

You may pay as you go

MCM operates as a collaborator in your development; thus, our programs include a pay-as-you-go payment strategy. You just pay for what you utilize to minimize your capital expenditures. Ultimately, you expand in an expense manner based on the organization's needs.

Top-tier, feature-rich Cloud Contact Center Solution designed for businesses of all kinds

Call Recordings

Your user's voice is vital to you. It's never been simpler for businesses and consumers to maintain track of all communications across telecommunication systems with a high-quality recording that can be viewed at any time with MCM!

Click to call

MCM's click-to-call technology increases operator productivity by saving time dialing out consumer numbers. It reduces manual work for operators and results in a significant increase in operator productivity.

Automation Rules

Contact centers are complicated software and people-management systems. You may free up your team's time by automating some business processes, allowing them to focus on more vital responsibilities like patient care or new consumer retention!

Auto Dialer

Our service is perfect for businesses of all sizes who need a dependable way to stay connected. Our call quality is crystal clear, and we have a robust set of features that will help your business stay organized and efficient.

Automatic Call Distributor

The My Country Mobile team has created a versatile and strong ACD program enabling them to locate the finest operators for their consumers swiftly.

Knowledge Base

Your operators will constantly have responses to their inquiries thanks to a centralized data repository and quality tools and techniques.

Advanced Wallboard

The customizable results enable you to assess multiple parameters of an evaluation in one location and are proactively notified when anything changes. It increases productivity since users can see how their performance compares to the reference value for every category, allowing them to better themselves quickly!


With an intelligent IVR system, your business may use the best-suited agent for each client call.

Contact the consumer with a single click

Gather visitors’ phone numbers and connect them to operators in less than 6 seconds using Click-to-Call. Increase the effectiveness of your staff and create more leads through phone conversations.

Create Leads


Imagine how many more sales you could make with your site’s call to action button. A clickable telephone number for lead generation and conversion of website visitors into potential customers!



The button can be placed anywhere you want, on your website or by email. You could even use it to promote an upcoming event through social media!

The platform on the internet


Click-to-call is an innovative way of making phone calls that don’t require downloading or installing software.

Positive Experimentation


Because of the company’s prompt reaction and relationship with the consumer, both sides had a better experience.


A cloud contact center is a web-based service that allows organizations to handle incoming and outgoing user inquiries via numerous platforms such as phone, email, and chat, to name a few.”

MCM’s Virtual call center software is entirely cloud-based, which means that all you require to begin is high-speed internet connectivity and no additional gear. Also, it works with a 150 kbps internet connection.

MCM’s Cloud Contact Center Software is suitable for anyone with a high-speed internet connection, even distant workers. So your staff can work from wherever they want to work.

MCM can provide your company with cloud contact center software that is:

  • Highly adaptable and scalable
  • Low infrastructure costs
  • Maintenance is minimal.
  • Deployment simplicity
  • Operators can function from remote areas.

Every MCM cloud contact center customer has access to 24/7 customer support. You also get specialized support professionals to help set up the contact center and fix any technical difficulties.

MCM can offer all of your company’s services in one spot. We provide virtual telephone lines from over 160 countries, worldwide SIP trunking with SMS forwarding, and contact center software to enterprises worldwide!