My country Mobile + Act 365 Integration

ACT 365 lets you settle on and make customer decisions without exchanging applications flawlessly. In addition, the My country Mobile combination allows you to monitor every one of your calls. However, All of your calls, voice messages, accounts. In Additional, messages will be consequently logged under “Contacts and Deals. Therefore, ” My country Mobile is currently accessible for you to partake in the advantages!


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My Country Mobile + Act 365 Integration

Customize Each Connection With Act 365

My country Mobile shows a client’s contact data and history when a call act 365 goes through. Therefore, Specialists can utilize this data to customize co-operations and offer the best assistance.

My Country Mobile is a virtual number services provider, However, providing you virtual numbers so, will you expand your business in the international market 

Act 365-My Country Mobile
Increment Agent Productivity

Specialists will want to utilize My country Mobile activities inside, Therefore, saving them the time and failure of exchanging between applications. In Additional, specialists can make and refresh exercises without leaving Act 365. 

Smooth out Agent Workflow

Above all, My country Mobile robotized work processes simplify 365 entering information in two frameworks act without a moment’s delay. So designed My Country Mobile occasions that trigger activities naturally save specialists time.

Act 365 Information Syncronization

My Country Mobile naturally synchronizes exercises and contacts between, My Country Mobile, and progressively. Therefore, specialists can serve clients better, After that, assuming they have the latest data. Therefore, this incorporation permits you to monitor every one of your calls straightforwardly. Above all, it wipes out trading between various windows

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