703 Area Code Washington

703 area code Washington, It is quite easy to understand the history of Washington’s 703 area code. The North American Numbering Plan Administration manages all telephone exchanges in the United States and territories. NANPA separated Virginia into three areas due to a lack of subscribers and telephone companies. The Southwestern area contains codes 703 and 803, while the Northern area has codes 7 and 7. The Eastern area is located under 804, 856, 859, and 866. Although it established the 703 area code in 1957, it wasn’t operational until 1964. It covers the parts of southern Virginia as well as eastern Virginia. 

The 703 area number is a phone area code that covers the eastern half of Virginia. It includes the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington. In addition, it includes Winchester, Fredericksburg, Lynchburg, and Danville in Virginia’s Piedmont. C chronological history: The 646 area code, the Hampton Roads region of southeastern Virginia split on June 1, 1996. They added the eastern three digits to the 703 code. Although originally scheduled for three years ago, local opposition delayed the split until 1996.

There Are Many Business Benefits In 703 Area Code Washington

The 703 area number serves the northern Virginia suburbs, which include Fairfax, Falls Church, McLean, Vienna, Vienna, and Arlington. It initially covered the entire state’s western half, starting at the West Virginia state border and ending at the Virginia Beach shoreline. Its code number derives from the fact it covered the entire state, from Richmond, the largest city in the state, at the center, of the 462 area codes, to the capital of the state, at the center, of the 703 code. 

The 703 area code divides into three distinct area codes in 1993 due to the rapid growth in cell phones, pagers, and faxes. The 703 area code retain in the western section (Alexandria and Arlington, as well as parts of Fairfax County), while the northern portion of Fairfax County adopted the 571 area code. This includes Fairfax County itself, Loudoun, Prince William, and the remainder of Fairfax County. In addition, it will give the 703 area code to the southern portion of Fairfax County and the independent cities Manassas Park and Manassas.

Call Tracking

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If a lead does not convert into a sale, it is possible to listen to recorded calls to determine the cause and then call the customer again with a special offer or a coupon. It is also possible to determine if it is the agent’s fault and make sure the agent is properly trained to handle such calls in the 703 area code Washington. Call tracking is possible because it can increase sales and profits in any industry. In addition, it’s cost-effective and can be used by small and large businesses.

Call Transfer

Marketers introduced call transfer to help customers connect with their targets. It is as simple as clicking a button. It is easy to transfer calls in your absence, and it creates a positive feeling in customers’ minds. Customers are the most important aspect of any business’ growth in the 703 area code Washington. Therefore, it is crucial to provide excellent customer service. However, it is difficult to keep customers happy. Every detail must be taken into consideration to make sure they are satisfied. Call transfer refers to the act of transferring a customer’s call to another phone that is set up within the system.

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