256 Area Code Anniston

On June 18, 2017, the North American Numbering Plan (NANPA) will be changing the area code for the 256 area code to 864. This change is a result of the continued growth in the area. The new area code will be put in place on June 18, 2017. Since the new 864 area code will be an overlay, you will still be able to keep your current phone number.

If you have recently been called by a scam caller with a 256 area code, you may be surprised to learn that this telephone number is the actual area code for Decatur, Alabama. This phone number is used by scammers because it is a legitimate area code, but it is not assigned to alexander city or rainbow city. While other area code 938 are reserved for specific locations, the 256 area code is a bit different. 

The 256 area code is creating as a result of a split between the 256 area code and the now obsolete 938 area code. This is a great post about the 256 area code. we can use 256 area codes in many states including Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, Ohio, and Tennessee. Check out our other blog posts for more information on area codes.


256 Area Code

Transfer Numbers

If you are dialing a business and are unsure about the area code of that business, you can find the area code by doing a quick search online. It is also helpful to know that this is the area code to the city of Madison, which is a popular tourist spot in Alabama. 

The area code is set as the geographic area(florence fort payne) to which telephone numbers in the area code will assign by the telephone company. Area codes are an important part of a phone number. Without the area code, you wouldn’t be able to tell where the number is located. Furthermore, the area code is what allows people to call you back if you didn’t leave a message, or allows you to call someone if you don’t know their number.




Multiple Locations

There are a number of reasons why someone might change their area code. A business might change phone numbers in order to avoid confusion between multiple locations or business lines. A person might get a new job and need to change their number to coincide with the new area code. Whatever the reason, changing your area code is easy. It can do in just a few minutes on most phones.

The 256 area code locates in the state of GA.  It involves in the US by the NANPA on October 1, 1999. The major cities of Atlanta are located in Fulton County.  GA and is the largest city in the state of GA. The 56 area code is one of the most recent area codes to assign to an area

History Of Area Code 256

The 256 area code is a telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan, serving parts of central Alabama. That includes Auburn University, Opelika, Phenix City, and Tuskegee. The area code creates in 1998 by a split of the area code 334. It originally covers the entire state of Alabama.

The area code expects to exhaust in 2019, but relief will be provided by area code 762. It creates in 2013 and overlays the 256 area code. For those who don’t know – the first three digits of a phone number indicate the area code. Area codes are cover geographic areas and associated with a particular region or state.

The area code follows a group of numbers, It is beneficial to identify the individual subscriber. The code is a necessary component of any phone number. It beneficial to direct a call to the appropriate phone company and complete the connection.

The area primarily helps with cell phones and it is a service code that benefits the company. 56 area code is an overlay code. The 56 area code creates in the year of 2010. Area code 56  is a non-geographic code.