248 Area Code Lake Orion

248 Area Code Lake Orion is located in Oakland County, Michigan. It is situated approximately 27 miles north of downtown Detroit and covers an area of 4.85 sq. miles. At the 2010 census, there were 13,417 people. Also, it is located in Orion Township, with a small part within Clarkston Charter Township. Oakland University’s College of Business Administration is located in Lake Orion. Lake Orion is located in the suburb of Detroit. Moreover, the 248 Area code covers all of Oakland County. There is no 248 area code Lake Orion. Commerce, Clawson, and Ferndale are served by 248 Area Code. 248 Area code Lake Orion is not an area code.

However, the 248 area code can only be used in Oakland County. Lake Orion is located in Oakland County, Michigan. According to the 2010 census, 7,346 people were living in the city. Also, the city is found in Lake Orion Township. Lake Orion was initially a settlement on the Cass River near Lake Huron, which flows into the Clinton River. Thomas W. Aldrich, a New Hampshire native, founded the community in 1831. He and his family named their settlement Mount Orion in Greece. But Aldrich was the first postmaster to open the first post office in 1837.

Business Features With 248 Area Code Lake Orion

The Business Benefits in Lake Orion 248 Area Code Lake Orion will assist you in your business success. You can rank higher in search engines due to your area code. Your company will have a good reputation and customers will consider you a local business. 248 is a Michigan telephone area code. Also, it was split from 810 in 1993. 

It includes the counties of Macomb, Wayne, and Oakland. Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile can use the code. 248 is not an area code in this region. This area does not allow you to dial 248 numbers. In this area, you can call either 810 or 244. There are more than 15,000 businesses in the 248 area code. Michigan’s 248 area code is the largest. Lake Orion is the biggest city within this area code. Also, Oakland County, MI, is home to the town. It is also Michigan’s first FM City. The _ exchange serves this area code. Therefore, this area code does not support long-distance calls, calling cards, or prepaid wireless phones.

Call Forwarding

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248 Area Code Lake Orion
248 Area Code Lake Orion

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