228 Area Code Biloxi

The 228 area code is used for Biloxi, Gulf Port, and Gulf Port in Mississippi. Although the area code was established in 1947, there is not much information on its history. The Mississippi Bell Telephone Company is believed to have created the code. Please send us a message via My Country Mobile if you have information on the history of the 228 area code. Area code 228 covers all of South Mississippi. It was created due to the splitting of Mississippi’s original 601 area code. Also, this originally covered the entire state. The 901 area code was made from the Gulf Coast and the bulk of the 601 area code.

 In common parlance, the 601, 228, and 901 were once called “Tri-County” in common parlance. This was to indicate that each area code could serve three counties. Mississippi’s balance consists of three-time zones and only three counties. Therefore, it is difficult to argue that the Gulf Coast is three counties over two times zones. The 228 area codes cover Memphis, TN, and the surrounding areas in Crump, TN, Arlington, TN, and Shelby Farms, TN.

208 Area Code Biloxi Offers Many Business Advantages

The 228 area code is an excellent option for businesses.  Many businesses can also use the 228 area code for local telephone service. You can easily reserve one in Biloxi and other areas of the state. Anyone can obtain a code for free and use it to enhance their communication abilities. Many businesses are located in Biloxi, which is the home of the U.S.

 Coast Guard and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. In addition, many shipbuilding companies have their international headquarters in Mississippi, including Ingalls Shipbuilding, VT Halter Marine Inc, and Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding. Biloxi’s economy is also heavily dependent on tourism. Therefore, it is the state’s second-largest gaming market. This is because so many people visit the casinos in the area, including The Beau Rivage and Hard Rock Hotel & Casino.

Voice Mail Number Biloxi

My Country Mobile offers virtual voicemail numbers for free. This allows you to get a virtual number that can answer your calls for free, and your customers will be able to see it on their caller ID. Although it may seem strange, there are many benefits to this arrangement. You might want your customers to be able to reach you even if they don’t have the information. This is possible. But 228 Area Code Biloxi a generic message can be left telling them to call your office and that you will return their call.

 However, you can also have multiple phone lines with free voicemail virtual numbers. A different number can use for employees and each office. A number can use for other projects. You can, for example, have one number for each project.  Your clients can also call this number to reach you. This will help you manage your projects and organize your workflow.

228 Area Code Biloxi
228 Area Code Biloxi

Local Number Biloxi

Firstly, My Country Mobile provides a virtual number that works as your landline or cell phone. It provides national, local, and in-state numbers free of charge. You can have a local number in one state and a toll-free number if you’re in another.  This service provides local numbers in different states of the United States. A small business owner may need a virtual number to make outgoing calls. Secondly, this is the most common use of a local virtual number. Digital phones (voip) use a local phone number to call out. The owner of the business can select a local number that matches their local area code and not the long-distance number assigned to their digital line. 

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