205 Area Code Bessemer

205 Area Code Bessemer, the 205 area code was created in 1959 for cell phones, VoIP phones, and ISDN phones. The 205 area code serves Birmingham and the west-central region of Alabama. It didn’t initially have a name or an image. In 1995, Magic Johnson signed to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. But the media called the area code “The Magic Area” because it was Magic Johnson’s area code.

 However, people wanted to know where they could find Magic Johnson-related items when we began receiving calls from numbers with an area code of 205. In 1997, Foxy Brown, an R&B singer, reached number 18 on Billboard’s Hot 100 charts. The song was called “Banged Up,” It was named after her friends who lived in the “B Magic area code.” The song was a huge hit and gave the area code another nickname. Also, the nickname became its own thing a few years later. The North American Numbering Plan Administration gave 205 to Alabama as a telephone area number in 2005. 

Business Benefits In The 205 Area Code

The 205 area code covers Birmingham and its surrounding areas. Bessemer is located in the suburbs of Birmingham. People who live in the 205 area code have different demographics than those living in other areas. Bessemer is safe and has a low crime rate. Also, Bessemer has excellent weather and lots of things to do. People in the 205 area code are friendly. Alabama’s largest city is Bessemer. But Bessemer is known for its vibrant nightlife and is a fun place to live. Bessemer offers many great opportunities for people to enjoy.

 However, the 205 area code is a telephone number that covers a large portion of the southwestern region of Alabama. It includes most of the Huntsville Metropolitan Area, the Birmingham Metropolitan Area, and the Tuscaloosa Metropolitan Area. The name of the area code comes from the region it covers. The North American Numbering Plan expands from 85 area codes to 231 area codes. Moreover, it covers the entire state’s southern third, from the Mississippi River to the Tennessee River. However, it has been divided four times to include other areas. But the original part of the state’s 205 area code remains intact. Therefore, the Birmingham and Montgomery metropolitan regions were once part of area 334. Area code 559.

Call Forwarding

Firstly, virtual phone numbers are phone numbers that are managed using VoIP (Voice Over IP). Your actual phone number is not known. A virtual phone number has many advantages. You can set up call forwarding and use a local number in your area to make it easier for customers to contact you. 205 Area Code Bessemer if you move or change your number, you can also change the number. Virtual phone numbers are easy to set up and cost much less than an actual cell phone. Secondly, you can track calls easily by using call recording and call tracking features. Call tracking allows you to keep track of calls made to your business. This will enable you to track the company’s exact location and the time it is operating. Virtual phone numbers can use for your business. 

Toll-Free Number

To get a virtual number, you can call toll-free. An animated phone number can add to your website. Toll-free numbers (888,877, 866, etc.) are available. As for reaching more customers, you can use toll-free numbers (888, 877, or 866). You can also use a unique number for each location. This will increase your conversion rate. You should register your toll-free number with Google Places. Therefore, this will increase your google search visibility. 205 Area Code Bessemer is more than a virtual number. A toll-free number can reach from anywhere in the country without any additional charges. Also, this means that you don’t have to pay any bills for calling this number. But this is not true for a local number

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