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My Country Mobile and Patton Partner to Deliver All IP Communications ...

MCM and Patton Partner Deliver IP Communications

My Country Mobile(MCM) and Patton, SmartNode 4520, the principal provider of state-of-the-art calling and illuminating administrations, have added one organization to their portfolio. Conducted Broad interoperability testing on the SmartNode 4520 Series VoIP Changes from Patton and SmartNode 5580, undertaking Session Border controllers. MCM insisted on them. The guarantees that the staff works without any burden.

Associations that use Patton’s VoIP equipment to handle their voice correspondences have access to MCM’s SIP-based voice organizations. In addition, MCM provides clients unparalleled control over media correspondences resources, including phone numbers, SmartNode 4520, visitor ID displays, advanced motioning to carrier-grade voice and illumination, and phone numbers and visitor ID shows.

SmartNode 4520 In IP Communication

Patton serves as Executive Vice President at Patton. MCM has a better overall telecom organization, so we collaborated with SmartNode 4520. Patton clients need robust correspondence plans that communicate a common voice knowledge. Since The decision to join MCM was easy to 209 area code.

Therefore, Patton can ship off MCM organizations and help them fulfill their strong commitment to the client success of SmartNode 4520. In addition, as an MCM advancement partner, Patton can now access the rich resources of the association. It includes its best-for-class specific assistance, arrangement confirmations of entryways, broad arrangements, and backing. Therefore, These resources show MCM’s responsibility to its associates in helping them grow their business sector reach and open up new pay opportunities.

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Patton Pattern Organization

Above all, MCM’s Chief Market Officer Dan Nordale stated that Patton SmartNode 4520 picture is steadfastly unrivaled within the industry. However, Our combined experience improves the market for business transactions. Therefore, we are excited to extend our relationship to more likely serve clients—checked MCM’s correspondences organizations for assistance and record plan ideas. Patton is currently a Certified Technology Partner within MCM’s Program.

In addition, SmartNode Series’ inborn interfaces (PRI, BRI, FXS, and FXO) allow associations. Connect legacy devices with the all-IP correspondence organizations. They also support TDM survivability.