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What is Local A2P and Why are We So Excited for it

There’s a Local A2P Messaging Revolution I don’t think you’ve heard. It’s an exciting time for messaging with new fees for A2P SMS traffic, sunsetting shared shortcodes, and new technologies emerging.

Industry insiders refer to 10DLC as one of the most significant changes. This raises the question.

What is this Local A2P Messaging that I hear about?

The messaging ecosystem is working hard to improve the messaging experience for local companies who want to communicate with local numbers. 10DLC is a common name for the industry program. This name intends to expand to 10-Digit Long Code. It describes how businesses can send A2P traffic to local ten-digit numbers. This program’s market name isLocal A2P Messaging. However, you can also say “10DLC” to show your telecom geekery.

Did something break that required fixing?

The assumption that all uses would be using shortcodes was made when the carrier messaging ecosystem envisaged business messaging at high volumes. TAs a result, the CIA worked closely alongside carriers to determine how local numbers should work. The summary is that SMS traffic patterns are considered P2P (person-to-person) or Local A2P Messaging (application-to-person).

The industry established guidelines for traffic patterns for local numbers, but the ecosystem did not provide viable options for businesses that need local numbers to send large volumes of SMS.

This resulted in unpredictable delivery of business SMS to customers who prefer SMS notifications and updates. The original intent was to use local numbers for P2P traffic. However, well-meaning business traffic is subject to industry filtering to avoid inadvertently engaging in Local A2P Messaging patterns.

Long Code Local A2P Messaging bridges the gap between business requirements for high volume SMS and reliability. It also offers the benefit of using a local number easily recognized.

What is the latest Local A2P Messaging?

You may be asking, “But what about shortcodes and toll-free SMS?” It’s a great question.

Local A2P Messaging Shortcode fees are increasing, and carriers like AT&T threaten to block shared short code traffic. As a result, businesses that depend on shortcodes will see their business models disrupted.

Toll-free SMS is still an excellent option and one we highly recommend. However, there are some situations where a local number can provide a better user experience or level of trust than toll-free. For example, businesses like Yelp and Google Business need to send many messages, but their local business model makes it less attractive to use toll-free SMS.

Why are we so excited about Local A2P Messaging?

This explains the essence of Local A2P Messaging, but it doesn’t explain why we are so excited about it. Verizon’s recent decision to charge A2P traffic fees and AT&T’s plan to end support for shared shortcodes have made it more urgent to use Local A2P. Local A2P is not only going to fill the gap created by the shutdown of shared shortcodes, but it will also provide businesses with an affordable way to access high-volume messaging at low startup and time costs.

Excited? Are you ready to chat?

Do you have an interest in learning more about Local A2P Messaging? To learn more, give us a call. You can also download our eBook on the messaging revolution to learn more about the many changes coming to messaging in 2019.

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