Listing Your Business Phone Number: Still Relevant or Too Old-School to Bother With?
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Listing Your Business Phone Number: Still Relevant or Too Old-School to Bother With?


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    Listing Your Business Phone Number: Still Relevant or Too Old-School to Bother With?

    Although the Internet is an excellent tool, I prefer to use Listing Your Business Phone Number for a business. It is possible to find too many listings online or not enough information for plumbers. Google Places also wouldn’t allow me to search if I didn’t include my telephone number in the telephone directory. Rice’s mobile telephone company doesn’t automatically include every business in the directory. He pays to have his listing done and spends extra money on promoting his small business in prominent places on the site. Jonathan even inserts coupons on the backside of the phone book. He laughed and said, ‘It is crazy that someone cashes one of these in three to more times each month.

    In a recent article, small business owners were warned that it is crucial to calculate the ROI of traditional phone book advertising before investing marketing dollars for printed material. Jonathan Rice, Green Plumber(r), takes the environmental implications of publishing billions to millions of pages seriously. South Carolina plumber keeps advertising on his yellow page. Consumers still allow their feet to do the walking. Do you think it’s worth listing the Yellowpages number of your business.

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    Jonathan Rice is close to many historic southern houses with elderly owners. But, unfortunately, they still use traditional methods for finding service providers. Your business phone number will required to have your company listed on both yellow and white business pages. Call 411 for further information. They will be capable of searching your business name, address, and phone number. It will also mean that all outgoing phone calls will be identifiable if the caller is equipped with callerID.

    “We are located at the corner between 2 main streets. This address is repeatedly repeated in our radio ads. Our building front design is unique. Sometimes people can remember where they are more quickly than their names. Stella Johnson is confident that 411 wouldn’t be available and we would lose many of our customers. Stella owns a tailoring/alteration company in southern Virginia. Ms. Johnson stated that phone books are the main reason most of our new clients found us. Advertising in that phone book has been a part o our business for almost 50 years. It works for our company, and we won’t stop there. We don’t even possess a website, so I’m not sure how Google got me there. Stella’s assertion makes a valid point about the logic behind listing in telephone books.

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    Inclusion on business listing web sites is inclusion into search engines such Yahoo!, Google! Bing. Stella doesn’t have her website. However, her company still exists. Stella is one of few listed tailors in similarly her locality. Her listing appears on page one of the search results. She could have paid thousands for it. Therefore key is the category. Online marketing success hinges on identifying the niche. The same is true for phone listings. They can be classified or divided into different groups. Real Estate has many subclassifications. It is essential to list your business in a way potential customers will use to find it. Easy to update and maintain your online listing. This method is cost-effective and requires little to no investment.

    Bobby Freiler (a marketing consultant) suggests that you should remember when thinking about your business phone number. Freiler gives this money-saving tip. You can adjust the phone advertisement to change the number or decrease the amount you spend next fiscal year. Freiler states that while yellow pages usage has declined, it isn’t gone. Register your business number online for maximum benefits. You need to keep the online directory updated after publication. Analytics allows you to track the changes. Ask customers how they found your business. Customers will continue to find your business in Yellowpages if they keep doing so.