Fat Finger Dialing & Other Phone Scams
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Fat Finger Dialing & Other Phone Scams


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    Fat Finger Dialing & Other Phone Scams

    Telephone scams have been around for as long a time however as phones have. Fat finger calling falls under the mildannoyance category of phone fraud. Fat Finger Dialing & Other Phone Scams is similar to an internet URL squatting phone app, in which domains are purchased confusingly like existing domains. According to WordSpy Fat Finger Dialing can used for more than just small-time scammers. AT&T sued Sprint and its rivals in 2003 over alleged schemes and tricks to steal customers via fat fingers.

    Although it’s an illegal practice, fat-finger dialing can be more irritating and destructive than you think. An autodialer can dial your cellphone, display a “premium rates” line, and charge you high fees. Before you dial back, Google around. Unfortunately, many others have already fallen for this scam and written about them. Fat Finger Dialing & Other Phone Scams fraud was a problem from the beginning. According to the Federal Trade Commission, Consumers lose billions of dollars annually to phone-based marketing schemes.

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    The heart and soul behind a Telemarketing fraud operation therefore are usually the boiler rooms, where skilled operators attempt to scam thousands to hundreds or even thousands of people each week. Fat Finger Dialing & Other Phone Scams says travel packages and bonuses similarly are signs of potential telemarketing schemes. We have all seen prepaid phones cards like this in convenience stores or gas stations near our homes. But, unfortunately, the Consumerist FTC research indicates that prepaid cards deliver however only about half the promised minutes.

    The 809 Fraud is a scheme that tries to con you into paying expensive long-distance calls. Unfortunately, it is often costly to dial. Scam Busters This outrageous call can charged up to $25 per minute. Fat Finger Dialing & Other Phone Scams would help if you also remembered that this scam can be used with other area codes than 809. Your Phone Statement is The First Line Of Defense. It is easy for people to ignore their phone bills. Don’t let a scam get away with you.