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Message blocked While Giving SMS



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Message blocked While Giving SMS – Error 30004 Message Delivery

If the information thou posted does no passed on that end device also provides a 30004 error system, that indicates that control from your message failed because that address does Message blocked of getting that information.

Undelivered Messages with Error 30004

If that message must that “undelivered” state, that suggests that control from your message missed next Company gave that message on that carrier.

Potential problems from error 30004 at “undelivered” messages involve

  • That user does read about a “Make No Disturb” about the “Do Not Call” program that prevents SMS of unfamiliar senders.
  • That user is not ready to get your SMS due on particular form either conditions from their mobile phone help system
  • These making carriers become blocked that information as breaking their laws either methods. As detailed data, view that data to troubleshooting error 30007.

Potential answers to error 30004 at “undelivered” messages combine

  • Review that Company Status Page to view if an actual event could do making your points.
  • Check Company SMS Guidelines to that nation thou do posting information over. The Company has those boys done on a date by most useful methods to any Nation. Guarantee thou is developing those most excellent works by your messages.
  • If thou do posting application-to-person (A2P) SMS on some nation anywhere Alphanumeric Sender ID pre-registration indicates possible; so as India, both Saudi Arabia, transmitting messages without pre-registering may develop inside error 30004. Please observe world Guide to Alphanumeric Sender ID to a perfect listing from communities also more extra data.

If you can manage out every from those earlier results, continue troubleshooting here.

Undelivered Messages Given to India

Error 30004, about undelivered messages posted on India, is usually made via this address number remaining listed at India’s citizen Do No Call (DNC) registry. To strongly present transactional messages, we maintain pre-registering an Alphanumeric Send ID to India.

As also report about posting information on India, including connections to refresh DNC settings, please view our section Conditions to Sending SMS on India.

Lost Messages

Messages by some “failed” status also error 30004 may show that Company does checking these messages due on assumed rejected either hateful message contents. The Company must anti-spam protections into a position to help protect the end-users of rejected messaging.

If thou see messages by “failed” state also thou think your words do making required in error; please contact Company assistant via information Message SIDs of your SMS records, even report of your Utility case.

Proceeded Error 30004 Issues

The company Assistance crew can assist in reviewing whatever left incorrect by reading your message. Please get three either also Message SIDs into your SMS logs of that least 24 hours that did flag by Error 30004;also Open some help call.


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