How to make calls in India?
How to make calls in India? - My Country Mobile

How to make calls in India?


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    How to make calls in India?

    There are numerous ways to make calls on India, which remains found in southern Asia. You all can get calls on India utilizing softphone apps so because of Skype or Rebtel to a meager rate per minute. If thou need to make that as free, then it would require a specific form at the other end from one line to produce this application as correctly. There exist also different methods to dial India of a landline into these United States. If thou do use a conventional cell phone or telephone service, also make not should free long distance at your phone plan, when thou will most possibly incur high rates if calling globally.

    How can we send calls to India from the USA or Canada?

    • First, dial 011 from any United States phone number “011” does that door code to dial out of that USA or Canada.
    • Next dial “91”; which makes this India country code
    • When dial that Indian telephone number


    • Insert 011 + 91 + 11 + #### ####
    • The “11”  up means the city code on Delhi

    How to send calls on a Mobile Phone in India?

    • Calling a mobile phone in India appears otherwise than visiting a landline telephone number
    • To ask a India cell phone, dial 011 + 91 + ?# #### #### everywhere  “?”  does both 7, 8, or 9 depending on each  cell number

    List of Area Codes in India

    Region Area Code
    Agra 562
    Ahmadabad 79
    Aligarh 571
    Allahabad 532
    Amravati 721
    Amritsar 183
    Asansol 341
    Aurangabad 240
    Bangalore 80
    Bareilly 581
    Belgaum 831
    Bhavnagar 278
    Bhilai 788
    Bhiwandi 2522
    Bhopal 755
    Bhubaneswar 674
    Bikaner 151
    Calcutta 33
    Calicut 495
    Chandigarh 172
    Coimbatore 422
    Cuttack 671
    Dehradun 135
    Delhi 11
    Dhanbad 326
    Faizabad 5278
    Faridabad 129
    Ghaziabad 120
    Gorakhpur 551
    Guntur 863
    Gurgaon 124
    Guwahati 361
    Gwalior 751
    Hubli-Dharwad 836
    Hyderabad 40
    Indore 731
    Jabalpur 761
    Jaipur 141
    Jalandhar 181
    Jammu 191
    Kannur 497
    Jamshedpur 657
    Jodhpur 291
    Kanpur 512
    Kochi 484
    Kollam (Quilon) 474
    Kota 744
    Lucknow 522
    Ludhiana 161
    Madurai 452
    Malappuram 483
    Mangalore 824
    Meerut 121
    Moradabad 591
    Mysore 821
    Mumbai 22
    Nagpur 712
    Nasik 253
    Noida 120
    Patna 612
    Puducherry 413
    Pune 20
    Raipur 771
    Rajkot 281
    Ranchi 651
    Saharanpur 132
    Salem 427
    Siliguri 353
    Solapur 217
    Srinagar 194
    Surat 261
    Thrissur 487
    Tiruchirappalli (Trichy) 431
    Tiruppur 421
    Trivandrum 471
    Vadodara 265
    Varanasi 542
    Vasai-Virar 250
    Vijayawada 866
    Visakhapatnam 891
    Warangal 870

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