Polycom IP Phones Line Unregistered Error
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Polycom IP Phones Line Unregistered Error

My Polycom table smartphone cannot activate or get service, and the display screen reads Line Unregistered. Make sure the smartphone is on a supported firmware version. VVX phones on a firmware lower than 4.1.6, and SoundPoint IP telephones on firmware decrease than four.0.Eight will not come online and could display Line Unregistered whilst provisioned to . These gadgets will need to have the firmware upgraded. Polycom IP Phones Line Unregistered Error.

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Create a case with Support if you want help upgrading the device’s firmware. Similarly, often, virtually power-biking the cellphone will permit it to re-download the proper configuration incomplete and help accurate this 714 Area Code problem. Please be aware that is typically no longer a long time resolution, it is the high-quality practice to confirm the community has been configuring correctly, and device firmware update to prevent the difficulty from routine.

Unplug the smartphone from its energy supply. Similarly, wait a complete minute or longer. Plug it again in. Give the cellphone several minutes to begin again up and reacquire its configuration. Polycom IP Phones Line Unregistered Error.

Information Polycom IP Phones Line Unregistered Error

Check the cellphone firmware and update if the firmware is out of date. Check firewall settings—white list subnets in which applicable. Ensure the NAT is set up effectively for the firewall in use. Set the UDP Time out to 660 seconds wherein applicable. Disable SIP ALG. However, ensure there is no double NAT (two routers link together, that the telephones pass via).

More data for SRTP troubleshooting can locate right here. However, editions and X Series offerings most effective. If multiple telephones are experiencing this trouble, the neighbourhood network will want to check. Create a case with support for assistance. Change Boot Server. Please be aware those steps are the last in and need not be tried before following the troubleshooting steps above. The phone attempts to touch the boot server for you to download firmware and configuration documents. Setting this selection to Static may additionally assist in resolving this error.

DHCP Menu Polycom IP Phones Line

Using the telephone’s IP deal with and a laptop at the equal community as the cellphone, open a web browser and access the smartphone’s net interface (GUI). (Refer to producer’s documentation for special guidance on accessing the telephone’s net GUI.)Click Settings > Provisioning Server > DHCP Menu.In the Boot Server field, choose Static (default is Custom+Opt66).

However, allow the phone several minutes to restart and try and gain the proper configuration. After that, on a few gadgets, the default Boot Server setting at the tool is Static. In this example, trade the Boot Server placing to Custom+Opt66, click on Save and allow the tool to restart.

Phones Line Unregister Error

Line Unregister is a fashionable mistake that really manner the smartphone can’t authenticate with the SIP proxy. After that, the particular root reason can vary and is most commonly the LAN configuration being wrong for carrier. Similarly, this difficulty might also now and again show up intermittently because of community fluctuations, in addition to troubles with SRTP services.

If there is simplest one VLAN configure for voice most effective, at your region, check the IP of the desk cellphone to peer if it suits your voice VLAN. Similarly, suppose you notice that the IP does not fit your voice VLAN, it way that the phone “move” to a wrong VLAN. After that, please test your domain controller wherein the DHCP scope to your voice VLAN is configure, and have a look at if the scope activates.