Communications Solutions for Government
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Communications Solutions for Government

Government organizations face difficulties giving secure, consistent, cooperative brought together correspondences, all while controlling or lessening spending. Agile cloud gives consistent cloud arrangements that fulfil requesting guidelines, for example, Communications Solutions for Government and cloud. This assists office with staffing centre around giving better, more conservative support of their partners.

We likewise give an instantaneousness to correspondences that most other cloud suppliers can’t coordinate. Our top-level server farms deliberately situate over the globe. Calls are geo-direct to the nearest accessible server farm—the outcome? Obvious associations. Predominant call quality. Insignificant dormancy, in contrast with our rivals. My Country Mobile Reliability.

Coordinated and Affordable Government Cloud Solutions

My Country Mobile’s cloud-based SaaS correspondences arrangements are conveyed from reflected, top-level, completely repetitive, and best in class Equinix server farms on the East and West Coasts of the United States. Every server farm is interconnected with private associations and associated with the Internet through numerous repetitive connections from Tier 1 and significant Internet specialist co-ops, each equipped for taking care of traffic for the whole server farm.

My Country Mobile Cloud Communications arrangements permit offices to spare essentially on administration, hardware and work costs. Since My Country Mobile arrangements facilitate in the cloud, government offices needn’t bother with a lot of capital or long lead times to convey and utilize My Country Mobile telephone frameworks, contact focuses or bound together correspondences arrangements. The framework is now there, prepare to utilize—possess, kept up and oversaw by My Country Mobile.

Data Security And Compliance Cloud

Agile cloud is completely consistent with the U.S. Government Communication Commission’s (FCC) Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) guidelines for securing clients restrictive organization data cloud. In the event, you have 602 area code recently.

My Country Mobile’s thorough security principles conform to the Agile cloud U.S. Government Information Security Management Act. Also, as a choice, My Country Mobile can offer secure answers for private multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS). Association arrangements which are totally free of the Public Internet.

Likewise, My Country Mobile is completely consistent and offers agreeable arrangements. My Country Mobile has likewise experienced the meticulousness of guaranteeing that you can have confidence that our answers meet the US Safe Harbor information security norms for all part states.

As trade on an open market organization subject to consistence with the Sarbanes-Oxley, My Country Mobile’s data innovation foundation controls examine yearly by autonomous interior and outer inspectors.

Communications Solutions for Government

GSA Schedule 70 – My Country Mobile Cloud-based Voice Services (VoIP, Fax, Contact Center, SIP Trunking and the sky is the limit from there) are accessible through Immix Group. Therefore, Estimating can be seen by downloading our GSA plan or using the immixGroup site:

Similarly,  GWAC (Government-Wide Acquisition Contract) gives the most recent in Information Technology (IT) items for every Federal Agency. My Country Mobile cloud-based voice administrations are accessible using the immixGroup through SEWP IV contract.

Agile Cloud

Brains 3 – Through the Washington Interagency Telecommunications System 3  contract, My Country Mobile has joined forces with Level 3 Communications to offer our serious, cutting edge Network Voice Protocol to government organizations in the National Capital Region (NCR) and encompassing rural areas of Maryland and Virginia. With My Country Mobile and Level 3. Offices can encounter secure, imaginative. Agile cloud solid broadcast communications administrations — all under the WITS 3 agreement. Find out more >

Networx Enterprise – My Country Mobile is band together with Level 3 to give Internet Protocol Telephony Service (IPTelS) on the GSA Networx Enterprise Contract. Networx Enterprise is one of the most financially savvy and costs serious agreement vehicles for most organizations. With a scope of Networx Enterprise administrations to browse. Similarly, My Country Mobile and Level 3 Communications prepare. Basically, To be the GSA broadcast communications supplier of the decision to help the legislature. Our administrations incorporate the business’ most up to date IP-MPLS organization and driving IP administrations. Therefore, Level 3 offers secure, dependable answers for government clients for their strategic voice and information applications.

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