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Firm site: http://www.zultys.com/ (zultys phone).

VOIP mobiles, networking gateways along with soft-phones. 

Their LIPZ4 Linux soft phone is completely free. 


The best way to configure Asterisk to LIPZ4 1.3.11 


The economical (?) ZIP two cellphone ($100) arrives with no some exhibit, however each of other ordinary attributes such as speaker phone (perhaps not full-duplex ! ) ) , voice mail index, hold, conference, move. STUN and UPnP aid for managing the telephone supporting NAT is allegedly provided as-well (documentation mistake on your Zultys internet site?) . Paging service can be found it sounds (= statement as a result of the speaker). 


After having a exhibit, instant messaging along with also a 4-port swap the ZIP 4×4 ($350) incorporates encryption, also a feature seldom seen in IP mobiles, zultys phone. Yet STUN, UPnP and voice compression really are overlooking (g.7-11 codec just ). In their Internet site: 


Can the ZIP 4×4 service voice safety? Certainly. The ZIP 4×4 could utilize protected RTP and also AES encryption to transfer voice traffic at a safe method, zultys phone. Users may participate this role prior to or during a telephone by pressing on the Encrypt button onto your device “ 

These collections have been declared on March 21st, 2005 

ZIP Two ×Two 

The ZIP two ×two would be your optimal/optimally price for the features. 


ZIP two ×Inch 

The ZIP two ×inch provides one particular LAN interface, 2 call appearances, a backlit graphical LCD, zultys phone, threeway conferencing, full-duplex speaker phone, encryption, multi language menus, customized clocks, multiple-user log in, QoS, DND, call forwarding, mute, and redial. 


The ZIP 2P supplies one particular LAN interface, two call appearances, a backlit seven-segment liquid crystal display, threeway calculating, electrical power over Ethernet, customized clocks, QoS, DND, call forwarding, and redial, zultys phone. 


The ZIP 2+ supplies one particular LAN interface, 2 call appearances, a backlit seven-segment liquid crystal display, threeway conferencing, customized clocks, zultys phone, QoS, DND, call forwarding, and redial. 


ZIP 4X4 

The ZIP 4×4 incorporates the capabilities of a managed switch with a cell mobile phone, also includes an address book, a calculator, along with a speakerphone, zultys phone. The telephone is currently Known as a”four ” as it has four call appearances and four Ethernet circuits 


ZIP 4X5 

Even the ZIP 4×5 incorporates the capabilities of the router and switch using a cell mobile phone, and provides further functions for convenience and ease. The telephone has been known as being a”4 with fiveàpennies ? As it’s four call appearances and 5 circuits, zultys phone. A number of those cables relate with an Ethernet LAN or broadband link, plus also one circuit stipulates an analog connection to the PSTN. 


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