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Phone Call API

Voice2Phone Outbound Phone Contact API

Corporation: Voice2Phone Pc Software Inc (phone call API)


Starting out

The Voice2Phone Outbound Contacting API organizes Close to Relaxation. Our API includes predictable, resource-orient URLs also works by using HTTP response codes to signify API glitches. We utilize basic HTTP characteristics, such as HTTP authentication and HTTP verbs, that can be known by off-the-shelf HTTP customers. JSON return with API answers, for example, mistakes, and but our API libraries transform responses into ideal language-specific objects.

Your program Creates an HTTP petition to Voice2Phone

So Voice2Phone initiates an online Telephone Call.

Your conclusion is that the user Gets the telephone.


API keys enable programs to create asks Voice2Phone call API about the benefit of an individual friendly. Just about every API secret is exceptional about this consumer; therefore, don’t forget to continue to keep these confidential! Usually, do not talk about with your key words API keys in publicly available regions such as GitHub, either client-side code, etc. API keys typically do not perish.

Nevertheless, they can be daunted by this person. Authentication into the API is done through HTTP Basic Auth. Supply your API vital while the simple auth username price. You don’t have to extend a password. Each API asks to have to be manufacture within HTTPS. Calls manufacture within basic HTTP may neglect. API asks without any authentication may even ignore. Your main API secret is available whenever you log in to your accounts.

Phone Call API
Phone Call API
API Replies

So Voice2Phone outbound phone API works by using traditional HTTP response codes to signify the failure or success of an API petition phone call api. Generally, codes at the 2xx assortment signify codes at the 4xx scope signal that a mistake that neglects supply that the info given and also codes at the 5xx scope signal that a mistake with Voice2Phone’s servers (all these are infrequent ) phone call api.

200 — Okay, Anything functions as anticipate phone call api.

So Four hundred — Poor Ask The petition had been unsuitable, frequently as a result of overlooking some necessary parameter.

402 — ask for unsuccessful The parameters had been legal; however, the petition neglect.

404 — Not Locate The request resource does not exist phone call api.

429 — way too many Requests, way too many asks hit on the API overly fast.

500, 502, 503, 504 — Server glitches something went Voice2Phone’s conclude. (All these are infrequent.)

Create an Outbound Phone-call

This API makes it possible for one to produce one telephone on your mobile telephone or cellular telephone number phone call api.

Phone Call API
Phone Call API


So Authorization: The API Crucial Content-Type: application/JSON

Human Anatomy 


So Arguments

Phone.Number (compulsory ) The Telephone number to a phone. The telephone might be at a local or global arrangement phone call api.  

So Phone.CountryCode (compulsory ) The ISO code A-2 of the Nation, phone call api.   

Concept (compulsory ) the written text should perform over the course of a contact utilizing search engine.  

So DTMF (discretionary ) Stipulates a mapping by the touch-key into some Note phone call api.  

Authorization: The API Crucial 

I am standing The Telephone number to telephone. The telephone might be at a local or global arrangement.    

So Updated DateUtc the written text should be performed over the course of a contact utilizing search-engine.  

Dtmf Stipulates a mapping by the touch-key into some Note phone call api.  

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