Even a trunking gateway can be an interface in between VoIP and PSTN, smg2000. It’s a device at which the VoIP line and PSTN lineup are all attached in order an end-user could utilize PSTN mobiles to earn a telephone VoIP.

Trunking Gateway

Protocols About E1/T1 facet: SS7, PRI, QSIG, R 2, V-5.2; around Internet Protocol Address facet: SIP, MGCP, H.248


PDH platform comprises two big communicating programs, Itu t e-1 platform along with ANSI t-1 method.

Even the e-1 process is notable in Europe plus several non-Europe nations (smg2000).

One particular big gap between these would be:

e-1 delivers 2.048 Mbps bandwidth; however, t-1 supplies 1.544 Mbps bandwidth.


Trunking GatewaysSynway E1/T1 Trunk Gate Way, SMG2000/SMG3000



The SMG2000/3000 trunk gateway joins IP address and hybrid components via Ethernet and telecom connections in a compact 1U form factor equipment. Additionally, it changes signalling and media to encourage successful and dependable voice, fax and multimedia platforms for both portable, stationary and cloud-based software.

  • Service 1/2/4/1U //16 E1/T1 at 1U Room (smg2000)
  • Service SIP along with SS7/ISDN/R2 and much more
  • Telco-grade Redundancy & Double Power-supply


Household site:



Royal RT-EIMS2002 can be a virtual trunking gateway that links PSTN/PBX into IP address community. It’s carrier-class functionality and initiates slot game framework that might be readily configured as demands. It supplies a max of 8 e one interfaces in a unitary gadget.

RT-EIMS2002 presents 5 manners inside a device, 1/2/4/ / 6/8 E1/T1 interfaces.

  • Carrier-class functionality (smg2000)
  • Optional and extendable vents planks
  • 1.5U regular Rack Mounted (smg2000)
  • World Wide Web games
  • Adaptive Phone routing (smg2000)
  • Service interconversion one of multi-protocols, E-1 <–>Internet Protocol Address, E-1 <—>E-1, Internet Protocol Address <–>Internet Protocol Address


App media diagram

Even the trunking gateway has been set up for telecommunication carriers.


Headquarters: Headquarters Shenzhen, China



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