Multipoint Control Unit Open Source

Multipoint Control Unit Open Source

Multipoint Control Unit Open Source

All of us (Doubango Telecom) is pleased to announce that the beta Edition of the Opensource SIP Tele-presence platform ( (multipoint control unit open source) 


That really is really a brief but maybe not exhaustive Collection of verified attributes this 

Beta variant: 


highly effective MCU (Multipoint Control Unit) for sound and video clip blending 

Stereoscopic (spatial) 3 d along with stereophonic sound 

Total (1080p) and extremely (2160p) high definition video clip to 120fps 

Seminar recording into some document (containers: .mp4, .avi, .mkv or even .webm) 

sensible elastic sound and movie encryption direction 

Congestion controller mechanism 

SIP registrar 

4 SIP transfers (WebSocket?, TCP, TLS and also UDP) 

SA (Immediate link to SIP customers ) so when (supporting a host, for example 

Assist for Absolutely Any WebRTC-capable Internet Browser (WebRTC demo customer at 


Mixing distinct sound and video codecs onto a single bridge (h264, 



Safe indicating (WSS, TLS) and press (SDES-SRTP along with DTLS-SRTP) 

Steady existence 

Sensible algorithm to discover listeners and speakers 

Distinct movie patterns/layouts 

multiple Systems (Linux, OS X, Windows…) 

100% available source and totally free (no locked attributes ) 

Whole documentation (, 

…and others 

This really can be a nice starting point that will assist one in seeing that which you might count on from our telepresence technique. 


Google code internet site: 



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