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The PIAA association has a group called Sunrocket in VoIP. This program enhances the voice-over-Internet Protocol technology that utilizes voice traffic.

To provide superior end-to-end solutions sizesindustries. Alternative to traditional phone systems because of their superficial features. However, it comes with several drawbacks. Here is an overview of what Sunrocket did in VoIP. 

Sunrocket Did

One of the most outstanding features of Sunrocket did that VoIP  placed multiple calls simultaneously. You can have one number that takes your calls and then have another number that receives your calls. You can choose this feature and integrate your service with that of your business partner. 

Advantages of group discussions

You can also talk with others over the Internet while in the same conversation as you. This is a fantastic feature to take advantage of group discussions.

You will no longer be limited. To just business associates. Your kids can use this feature to connect your PIAA cell phone call to your Sunrocket customer DIDA with the Pin/Keyboard.

When you start talking with another business associate, you pick up the Pin/Keyboard and press a button. This automatically opens your PIAA, displays the caller id, then starts to dial the number that you have selected. This eliminates the need to take out your PIAA phone and manually dial the number. 

You can also use your Sunrocket DIDA with your SMS system. This receives voicemail and text messages right from your computer. You can log into your business’s site, view your voicemail and text messages, and even reply to them right from your Sunrocket DIDA. You can now answer these calls when you get home or just at any time. 

Another feature of Sunrocket in VoIP is getting a contact list, including numbers, addresses, names, and even emails. This allows you to look up any number and get the contact information. If you are trying to find someone, you can use this feature. It is also great for parties or family members that you may want to know more about. 


 Networks more efficient

For businesses to make their networks more efficient, these are features that you can expect from Sunrocket in VoIP. They have implemented a full—cloud-based implementation for your business.

You can log into the Sunrocket DIDA with any broadband internet connection and access your cell phone number accounts from anywhere you have an internet connection. There is a Sunrocket VoIP toll-free number that you can use to reach them. 

Another great feature is that these business owners offer office automation, voice messaging, SMS forwarding, and many other tools. These tools are designed to help you perform multiple tasks all at once. This will help your business become more efficient. 

Another key to doing your business. More efficient is by integration. These various applications on your Sunrocket DIDA. This is especially helpful if you are a home-based business owner. 

VoIP voice conferencing to share conference calls. This is something that will help you manage your meetings better. 

Additional information

When you call a specific local business, they can connect you to their customers for additional information about their services and possibly even a call to your local customers for added benefits. Sunrocket can also integrate services, including Google maps and Yahoo maps.

The convenience of integrating. Other services can help you save time. When making long-distance calls. 

Overall, there are a lot of great features that you can expect to find when you get a Sunrocket DIDA, and there are many additional perks for business owners. see also this format.

However, Some of the most convenient features of this VoIP system are that it integrates seamlessly with your mobile phone company, integrates with your messaging and phone service conferencing systems, allows you to go online and check voicemail and text messages, and is entirely cloud-based. 

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