Linksys Phone Spa942 Manual

Linksys Phone Spa942 Manual

Four or two individually configurable line looks/extensions, linksys phone spa942 manual. 

Together with firmware 5.1.8 to your SPA-941/ / 921, also firmware 5.1.15a for your own SPA-942/ / 922, four-line looks / extensions are permitted by default option; yet an upgrade permit is nolonger demanded (linksys phone spa942 manual). 

Linksys Phone Spa942 Manual

4 green/red/orange lineup keys (can’t function as BLF) 

the high-resolution pixel-based exhibit, bigger compared to SPA-841, (SPA941 doesn’t have any backlight,” SPA942 can ) 

speakerphone  2.5millimeter headphone jack all designs  Styled to look just like and texture as a Cisco mobile phone 

Wireless media selection WBP54G  SPA921 is not just a 941 without Double 100mbit Ethernet using POE or backlit liquid crystal display. , you may utilize the SPC utility to yield an improved sample XML file. In the event you employ the XML data files in the device may download it not method it. THE optimal/optimally method is always to upgrade your cell phone’s firmware then connect into this URL http://YOUR_PHONE_IP_HERE/admin/spacfg.xml then save the file as the template to start. Located and confirmed by the Voxilla Forum Publish. 

Sipura Mass Deployment

(Talks concerning the SPA-841, however, theories are exactly the exact same ) 

Provisioning Instruments The SPC’s usefulness to Build config files. This info is supplied as Linksys won’t supply all these records into this general public and nearly anybody VoIP suppliers will probably believe it is close to impossible to access”legit”  Provisioning the directory Having a PHP script (some sort of hack) 

Ringtone Utility is apparently built to your own SPA-841,” nonetheless, it properly finds the SPA-941 & SPA-942 designs, and has the capability to resample WAV documents and upload/delete them by your SPA-941/ / SPA-942. 


Linksys (Sipura) VoIP Service Forum — configurations and dial programs, etc. ) . ) 

Guides and Testimonials 

Crucial Hyperlinks 

Linksys SPA-941 Consists of connection to Info Sheet, Item Photographs, Consumer Information, and Rapid Set up (2006-05-11) 

Sipura Assist Review (2006-03-09) 


Person Information and Rapid Set up (View the Linksys SPA-941 Website Link previously ) 

Linksys SPA-941 Admin Manual v0.2 DRAFT Hosted by Sipura (2006-03-09) 

Linksys SPA-941 Admin Manual v0.1 DRAFT Hosted by Inphonex (2006-02-01) 


Utilize with Asterisk 

This mobile works nicely with Asterisk but remember it’s not as very likely to encourage common lines looks as well as also other”conventional” characteristics currently on additional mobiles. Here’s the answer I received out of Linksys once I inquired in case the mobile will encourage a shared line looks with Asterisk. 


Reaction (Gordon Green) 05/31/2006 09:13 AM 

expensive Valued Sipura Client, you can expect NO service for Asterisk or even NO other third-party PBX however our very own SPA9000 PBX. Most of our SPA apparatus are analyzed with Asterisk onto a worldwide scale and now we all realize are services and products operate, however, we still do not bother to shoot or present aid after upgrading our apparatus to utilize Asterisk. 

Remark from Zarlink 

For common lines watch several of the new”characteristics” call for SIP-B, also Asterisk will not support. However, what capabilities are you currently searching for? I’m quite satisfied with those mobiles, especially such as their tackling of speaker-phone/headset/handset shifting with all these buttons, so also that undeniable fact they are able to choose 2.5millimeter gambling cans, making for great quality however far less costly compared to the expert cans. 

If you experience a problem in which the two asterisks along with also the SPA94* generates ring tones, then place Sticky 183 into YES beneath EXT1/2 

Distinct Ringtone 

To utilize distinguishing ringtone using Asterisk usage: 


Calssic-1 -> regular telephone ring bicycle (linksys phone spa942 manual)


Simple-1 -> regular telephone ring bicycle 


Off Ice -> 2 4 CTU (linksys phone spa942 manual)


Where’s Classic-1 = The title of this verse that you desire. 


Wallpaper Image (linksys phone spa942 manual)

To utilize a background picture together with the SPA-942, the picture has to be: 


Devote on your TFTP host afterward place: t at”Phone/BMP Photograph Obtain URL” 


Swift Examine Linksys/Sipura Gadgets (into the SPA941) 

SPA901 (linksys phone spa942 manual)

Inch Line 

No screen (linksys phone spa942 manual)


same outside Whilst the SPA941 

Inch lineup (2 Line Appearances) 

DC Electricity Offer (linksys phone spa942 manual)


same outside because the SPA941 

On-line switches! (linksys phone spa942 manual)

Inch lineup (2 lineup Appearances) 

Double Ethernet (100BaseT, 10mbit or 100mbit) 

PoE (802.3af) or DC Energy 

SPA941 (linksys phone spa942 manual)

Cisco texture, rebrand/upgrade of this Sipura SPA-841 

two or 2 4 Lines (Two lineup looks each lineup ) (up to Grade fee for 4 traces: brand new firmware 5.1.8 eliminate this restriction ) 

4 lineup Keys (linksys phone spa942 manual)

Graphical Exhibit 

DC Electricity Offer (linksys phone spa942 manual)


same outside because the SPA941 

two or 4 Lines (Two lineup looks each lineup ) (up to Grade fee for 4 traces: fresh firmware 5.1.8 eliminate this restriction ) 

Double Ethernet (100BaseT, 10mbit or 100mbit) 

POE (802.3af) or DC Power Supply (not contained ) 

PPPoE (linksys phone spa942 manual)

Back-lit Exhibit