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Kamailio Voicemail


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    Real-time Integration Of Asterisk 1.4 Together With Kamailio 1.5.x, kamailio voicemail

    Legal for Kamailio (OpenSER) 1.5.x along with asterisk 1.4.x — Workin Advancement

    Most Recent Launch in 1.5.1 String of Kamailio (OpenSER) Continues to Be V-1.5.1, kamailio voicemail

    Most Recent Launch in 1.4 String of Asterisk is V-, kamailio voicemail

    Kamailio Voicemail

    Kamailio can be a pure VoIP indicating server utilizing Session Initiation Protocol — SIP. It’s elastic and thoroughly dispersed but cannot be utilized to present networking services including voice-mail, statements or marketing.

    For those providers, the asterisk has become the most convenient opensource item easily. Inside this record, we demonstrate just how exactly to configure Asterisk to-use Kamailio’s reader’s database to give VoIP services kamailio voicemail. A fundamental setup record for Kamailio is submitted listed below, permitting to own a really operational technique by abiding by steps within the particular tutorial.



    Linux-like functioning platform (cases within this record are also special for Debian), kamailio voicemail

    asterisk 1.4.

    Set up unixodbc-dev package deal by way of your package manager. An alternative will always be to have the resources from http://www.unixodbc.org, Optimize and then install them onto the own system. However, asterisk could have time and energy to find them also empower ODBC alternative for the voice-mail program.

    In Debian:

    Apt-get set up unixodbc-dev.

    MySQL Setup, kamailio voicemail

    You may set up Mysql working with the packing procedure in the Linux distribution. The single real requirements are usually to function as Mysql 5.0+. The majority of the distributions supply V-5.0+ from default option now.

    Once set up, You Can Put that the MySQL root password using a control such as:

    Access Asterisk resources from http://www.asterisk.org. Now at this time, Asterisk 1.4.22 could be your most recent stable edition.

    C-D /usr/local/src, kamailio voicemail

    wget http://downloads.digium.com/pub/asterisk/releases/asterisk-

    pitch xvfz asterisk-, kamailio voicemail

    C-D asterisk-, kamailio voicemail

    . /configure

    Create menu select to empower ODBC storage for voice-mail, decide on choice 9. Voice-mail Build selections, empower solution inch. ODBC_STORAGE. Save exit.

    That was not any lengthier demand for minding Asterisk resources, kamailio voicemail

    Move Forward with normal Asterisk instalment:


    create install

    Kamailio (OpenSER) Setup

    You may download the latest secure variant by way of SVN snapshots. For division 1.3 (newest launch Inside This division is 1.3.3) you could perform:

    C-D /usr/local/src

    wget http://www.kamailio.org/pub/kamailio/1.5.1/src/kamailio-1.5.1-tls_src.tar.gz

    pitch xvfz Kamailio-1.5.1-tls_src.tar.gz, kamailio voicemail

    C-D Kamailio-1.5.1

    create all include_modules=”db_mysql”, kamailio voicemail

    create install include_modules=”db_mysql”

    UnixODBC MySQL Driver Setup

    Only set up the program working with the programs in the Linux distribution. By Way of Example, to get Debian:

    Apt-get set up libmyodbc

    Produce Kamailio (OpenSER) Database, kamailio voicemail

    To make the database required from Kamailio:

    / / usr/local/sbin/ / kamdbctl make

    This may make a database called’OpenSER’ and certainly will put in a Mysql consumer’openser’ using complete accessibility for this. The default is’openser’, can shift it out until (by Tracking /usr/local/etc/ / kamctlrc) or instantly once you make the database.

    As Soon as You produce the database, then you Want to Put in a brand new column into the contributor’ table to Put Away your PIN for Voice Mail accessibility:

    Change TABLE contributor A-DD vmail_password varchar(3 2 );

    Produce Asterisk Data-base

    The database demanded from asterisk will comprise two viewpoints (‘vmusers’ and also’ sip users’) of tables out of Kamailio database, so it is thus crucial to get Mysql 5.0+ as the viewpoints were launched inside this variant. That was really a Mysql dining table (‘voice messages’) that can save the voice messages.

    Join as root from Mysql waiter:

    Make database asterisk;

    Utilize asterisk;

    ‘identification’ int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment,’

    ‘msgnum’ int(11) NOT NULL default’0”,

    ‘dir’ varchar(80) default “,’

    ‘circumstance’ varchar(80) default option”,

    ‘Macro-context’ varchar(80) default option”,

    ‘Caller-id’ varchar(40) default option”,

    ‘origtime’ varchar(40) default option”,

    ‘length’ varchar(20) default option”,

    ‘mailboxuser’ varchar(80) default option”,

    ‘mailboxcontext’ varchar(80) default option”,

    ‘recording’ longblob,

    Major KEY (‘identification’),

    Crucial’dir’ (‘dir’)

    ) ENGINE=InnoDB;

    CREATE Look at vmusers AS

    SELECT identification as uniqueid,

    User-Name as customer_id,

    ‘default option’ as circumstance,

    User-Name as mailbox,

    vmail_password as password,

    CONCAT(first_name,”,last_name) as fullname,

    email_address as e mail,

    NULL as pager,

    datetime_created as postage

    FROM openser.subscriber;

    CREATE Look at sip users AS

    Decide on the user-name as title,

    user-name, and

    ‘buddy’ such as kind,

    NULL as key,

    domain name as a sponsor,

    CONCAT(rapid,”’,'<‘,username,’>’) as Caller-id,

    ‘default option’ as circumstance,

    User-Name as a mailbox, kamailio voicemail

    ‘Certainly’ as nat,”

    ‘no’ as justification,

    User-Name as from the user,’

    NULL as’ auth user,

    domain name as from domain,

    NULL as insecure, and

    ‘no’ as can reinvite,”

    NULL as disallowing, kamailio voicemail

    As NULL as permit, kamailio voicemail

    So NULL as restricted, kamailio voicemail

    domain name as the default,

    domain name as IP add, kamailio voicemail

    ‘5060’ as an interface,

    NULL as regseconds, kamailio voicemail

    FROM openser.subscriber;

    Insert a Mysql consumer that’s full accessibility directly to’asterisk’ database.

    GRANT All-on asterisk.

    From the document / / usr/local/etc/ / odbcinst.ini you have to include:

    From the document’/ / usr/local/etc/’ odbc.ini’ you need to include:

    [MySQL-asterisk] Description = MySQL Asterisk Document

    T Race = Away

    TraceFile = stderr, kamailio voicemail

    Notebook = MySQL

    SERVER = localhost

    Person = asterisk

    PASSWORD = some_password

    PORT = 3306

    Data-base = asterisk, kamailio voicemail

    Configure Asterisk

    In’/’ etc/asterisk/res_odbc.conf’:

    [asterisk] allowed =>

    dsn => MySQL-asterisk, kamailio voicemail

    User-Name => asterisk

    password > asterisk

    pre-connect =>



    If You Would like to Allow MWI, Don’t Neglect to put check mwi feature and rtcachefriends=Certainly

    Modes concerning minding the SIP station that you see. https://www.mycountrymobile.com/wiki-Asterisk+config+sip.conf. You don’t have to bring some other SIP consumer peer from the setup document; they are going to be soon loaded out of your database.

    Confàpennies $™ you don’t have to bring some other mailbox. They are going to soon be rich out of your database kamailio voicemail. The typical setup component of VoIP program is exhibited in https://www.mycountrymobile.com/wiki/index.php?page=Asterisk+config+voicemail.conf.

    For this particular guide, we believe the end-users will probably possess 4-digit I d. To execute an obvious dialling prepare in asterisk that make it possible for extensibility and transparent extensions for various providers, the requirements for voice mail is going to be prefixed with inch’ from Kamailio proxy undoubtedly. This prefix is likely to be soon transparent to the users kamailio voicemail. When the voice recorder doesn’t exist, then asterisk will play with”invalid extension” communication.


    Extend => 1,1,” Ringing

    So Extend => 11,1,” Ringing

    Extend =_1XXXX,1,Ringing

    Dialling strategy:

    — neighbourhood users possess 4-digit expansion

    While to Pay Attention to its own voice messages out of the SIP telephone, the consumer needs to dial 98 (Asterisk will prompt Just for PIN)

    So to Pay Attention to its voice messages out of the other SIP telephone the consumer needs to dial *98 1 (Asterisk will prompt for podcasts ID and PIN), kamailio voicemail

    however, to telephone straight to depart audio information into consumer Xx Xx the consumer needs to dial *89XXXX

    In’/ / usr/local/etc/ / Kamailio/Kamailio. cfg’:

      Lineup: -DTC )

    rev_dns=no        # (cmd.  Lineup: -DTC )

    kids =4

    fifo=”/ / tmp/kamailio_fifo”

    pay =udp:, kamailio voicemail


    —————— module loading ———————————-

    # Uncomment this if you would like to utilize SQL database

    M-Path =”/usr/local/lib/kamailio/modules”

    loadmodule”db_mysql.  auth_db, kamailio voicemail

    path [1] undefined

    # ion accessibility # – 98 – tune caller’s voice messages, staying motivated for the pin

    – 981 – tune voice messages, even staying promoted for podcasts and snare # – *98XXXX – render voice mail into xx #

    path [3] undefined, kamailio voicemail

    failure_route[1 ) ] undefined

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