The majority of the Polycom possess an attribute named microbrowser — even” an entirely compliant HTTP/1.1 person representative” claims Polycom docs — which lets exploring of uncomplicated XHTML web-pages onto your mobile’s LCD display screen. Additionally, the micro-browser may likewise be utilized to produce info in your device’s idle display screen; nevertheless, within such a manner, the navigation system isn’t doable. Another manner of performance would be by simply forcing XML into the telephone number. 

There’s acutely in-depth information relating to that feature from the Polycom documentation. Pay Attention to the Net Program Developer’s manuals, accessible PDF in http://support.polycom.com/PolycomService/support/us/support/voice/soundpoint_ip/soundpoint_ip550.html. 

 To make use of this element, you place a starting URL from the setup document, which will get loaded while the mobile tastes, or you may put it with the telephone web Setup web-page-page. The alternative is known as a key internet browser household. 


Reach on the Products and Services or Software difficult button essential to your telephone to get this URL. 

configured to obtain

The lazy display may likewise be configure to obtain a URL automatically, also refresh a regular basis furthermore, that the micro-browser simplifies conventional refresh headers. 


These labels will be the sole tags understood to be encouraged. Not Known (but correctly structured ) tags are all dismissed from the Micro Browser, tags Ought to Be lowercase microbrowser


David Gomillion million in eyecarenow.com submitted to the Asterisk Users email list his adventures using a time clock system working with the Polycom micro-browser. 


Listed below would be David’s tips for utilizing the Micro-browser. 



Photograph Assistance 

In-line pictures are encourage by the Micro-browser. Just 1bpp and also 4bpp windows byte dictate .bmp’s appear to get supported microbrowser. .GIF.JPG, PNG along with also other ordinary web graphic formats usually don’t do the job. Be certain you near the IMG label (ex: ) 

in case you never include things like image measurements while in the IMG tag, then the web-page-page will leave; however, it can need a lot more period and energy to draw since it’s to redesign the design both ahead of and then heaps just about every IMAGE onto the web page! 

Should you define a diameter besides the diameter and elevation of this image, it’ll soon be scaled into the measurements you define with a primitive closest neighbor algorithm. microbrowser This really is beneficial for drawing equivalents having a-1 ×inch pixel black BMP or aligning text having a-1 ×inch pixel whitened. Bmp (that will be imperceptible around the monitor.) 

Particular personality and worldwide character service microbrowser

Particular characters utilize in HTML having a personality code,” as an example, aren’t encourage from the micro-browser. For those aims of this turned into truly an exact stringent XHTML parser, ” I guess that it yells the most correct”Entity perhaps not outlined” mistake, however with accurate DTD’s does not appear to allow it to work. You ought to avoid exceptional personalities simply utilize them binary sort if the device endures it. Additional confirmation would be required out of Polycom so as to understand without a doubt this really is true. 


web-page-page names have been displayed, therefore opt for your names appropriately. 

Session direction ought to be analyzed very carefully, differently hitting on the trunk key on your device can resubmit aged info. 

It’s likely to mimic align or tables text or graphics to columns from the micro-browser. Throughout using this older HTML hint of utilizing imperceptible graphics to pad white-space. But as the internet browser employs a searchable font. You need to find out the widths of each and every personality as a way to execute accurately mat text. The diameter of every personality at the Microbrowser’s ribbon is supply here. Combine with a Brief Outline of the Way to utilize this method: Polycom MicroBrowser Character Widths. 

The other Individual’s adventures 

Anisha antiship IS-IS in win-ent scatter com microbrowser


That the Polycom will not honor the max length or dimensions factors to get an input signal 

unsuitable web-pages-pages may get the device to reboot or lock-up  enter kind of check-box doesn’t leave , microbrowser

! In-text areas can allegedly make the telephone to reboot randomly microbrowser.