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Call Report Definition

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    This department covers ordinary coverage conditions to get a Call Report center.

    Now, there Are Two Sorts of various coverage ports:

    Real-time Dashboards – mostly visual charts – clarified Right Here.

    Historic Reviews – mostly text established tables – clarified Inside This record.

    My country mobile features a record of spouses that can provide from their box dashboard ending accounts, or you may build yourself together with the specific tools and data. My country’s mobile creates obtainable.

    For every single urged chart or desk, this record lists how you’d expect this by your TaskRouter celebration flow, or the way you’d acquire it out of your TaskRouter stats APIs. You’d typically utilize one mechanism or another different, determined about exactly what tech you’re employing for constructing this.

    These reviews are usually utilized by telephone center functional staff carrying caliber direction and preparation, in a tiny Call Report center, which could be precisely the same man. In contrast, the manager, however, in call centers, it is ordinarily distinct men and women.

    It’s of use to pull all these records on demand through an internet port. Still, quite a few helpful staff may desire them emailed to several electronic mail addresses because of a PDF (or formatted email ) to a specified long-term program.

    These reviews are generally supplied with default until specified.

    Generally, in the majority of scenarios, these stories protect actions of various station sorts. It’s helpful to break out just about every document by either accumulative activities and divided down from station form (voice, SMS, and so forth ) – or even to permit the viewer to define what opinion that they need.

    The Agent Summary report empowers an individual to watch an overview of broker actions across general important performance indexes. This record Ought to Be a desk piled by Agent

    The record comprises:

    Agent title (or number if no title )

    Queue Identify

    Min job manage time

    I a job lead time

    Max job manage time

    Me-an alerting time

    Entire jobs provided

    Entire activities replied

    Agent Title

    Avg Undertaking Take Care of Time

    Min Undertaking Take Care of Time

    Max Undertaking Take Care of Time

    Avg Idle Time

    Avg Wrap-up

    Tasks Made Available

    Duties Answered

    Out-bound Tasks

    Avg out Bound Time

    Janie Smith










    Pam Anderson










    Undertaking Depth by Agent

    The job depth by user accounts exhibits predict documents for every single broker. This document is created in time and date sequence online to its specified interval.

    The record comprises:

    Undertaking Day


    Undertaking management (Inbound, Outbound, Inner )



    Undertaking length

    Undertaking Channel

    E.g., a desk follows, each representative:








    Undertaking Acceptance Time






    Revenue Phone Center








    Returns Call-center

    Undertaking Length Summary

    The duty period report ought to screen an overview of the action period for every single action interval scope to its specified interval.

    I.e. specify a group of length ranges across These lines: <1, 1-2, 2-5, 5-10, 10-20, 20-30, 30-60 and >60min

    For every array These data Ought to Be computed and shown from the dining table:

    Complete variety of jobs

    %of complete jobs

    Complete Length of jobs

    Undertaking Log

    The Duty Log Stories must Offer a chronological Collection of each activity made from the machine, also record everything that occurred

    The analysis exhibits the day endeavor generated; timing action is taken, time action is done, the representative (employee ) managed, out of, to, period.

    Everyday Targeted Visitors

    The everyday site visitors report reveals that a chart of responsibilities to test times that are active successfully. The record is created so by the day.

    The record comprises:


    Early Morning Task depend

    Early Morning moderate Task length

    Afternoon Undertaking Rely

    Afternoon typical Task length

    Maximum hour

    Maximum hour Undertaking Rely

    Hourly Utilization

    The Hourly Utilization report reveals that a supply of activities over hrs of this afternoon to its full-time frame was chosen. This record shows that the full time (in hrs ) and also the number of responsibilities to get this hour. This record is created in a descending sequence punctually.

    Duties by Day

    The responsibilities from the Day document empowers the consumer to observe the number of duties which were managed or left-handed, daily. The record is grouped with the day.

    Duties by Queue

    The responsibilities from Queue report empowers the consumer to observe the number of duties which had been routed as a result of just about every TaskQueue throughout the specified period. The queue sorts this record.

    Agent Exercise State Summary

    Even the Agent action State Summary report empowers an individual to look at that a summarization of this amount of period plus proportions that representatives have put in in various activity conditions (offline, obtainable, fracture, and so forth ).

    Agent Standing Depth

    The Agent standing depth report empowers an individual to watch a comprehensive list of broker positions by a representative throughout the day. Every time plus status will be step by step with all the duration that the broker spent that status busy. The representative groups this record.

    Undertaking Abandoned Report

    This record can be an overview of most tasks left-handed (task.canceled) to get a specified interval (Hourly, Daily, Weekly).

    In-bound Figures

    This account lists the complete quantity of responsibilities from the ingress stage into the touch center. It is most frequently apply for voice stations, revealing for every single corporation variety the entire range of inbound Call Report each year.

    Brief Undertaking Report Summary from Agent

    This record lists all the Call Report, which had an answer using an agent that has to correlate to over five minutes. This document is sort by both representative plus contains complete brief Demands Any Given interval (Hourly, Daily, Weekly)

    Recurrent Client Overview

    The Regular Client Overview report empowers an individual to watch a set of the best 50 clients (undertaking originators) who have replicated responsibilities.

    Intent: to spot clients having recurring problems (or over Using Assist )

    Reviews unavailable from My country mobile info independently undertaking Disposition Code Summary Report My country mobile will not presently possess a system to connect mood codes to endeavors. Thus this will now be achieved in another database.

    This document poses an overview of most Call Report connected with every single mood code.