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C# Task


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    An activity represents one thing of a job waiting to be processed. Tasks may represent all form of situation is most essential for their team. My Country Mobile software can cause tasks out of mobile calls or SMS messages. Your CRM or ticketing technique may generate activities in mails or chat messages sent from your web visitors. Your applications could cause custom made tasks symbolizing anything specific job that your users take care of.

    Undertaking attributes

    Undertaking Characteristics

    Just about every Task includes features, permitting one to maneuver together anything info is necessary for the app to track the DutyDuty and choose the proper actions in your mission. Characteristics are voiced at JSON statistics, such as:

    Undertaking Life-cycle

    Even a job doesn’t need explicit in-house land. Nonetheless, it truly is an essential idea for knowing the way Jobs does the job. An activity’s life cycle command using a workflow that’ll take care of the Duty’sDuty’s priority and also find fitting Employees to deal with this endeavor. The Undertaking State webpage and also Work-flows and Assignment Webpage supply more detail about the Duty Life-cycle.

    The most number of Municipal Tasks enabled to get just about any provided work-space will be 500,000. Make sure you get hold of us in case your usage circumstance will demand greater.

    Tasks have been just deleting five full moments afterward they are complete or cancel. You may nonetheless query occasions that happened for activity by way of the Occasions API.

    These operators on your Evaluate Task Attributes:

    higher compared to: >

    significantly less <

    more than equal to p =

    substantially less than similar to <=

    Utilize parentheses to show precedence of surgeries: ( )

    Use mounts to signify lists/arrays: [ ]

    H AS, >- for ascertaining if the worth of this duty feature around the left of this saying comprises the series to the most suitable aspect of this contrast.

    IN, <- for discovering if the financial value of this duty feature around the left of this saying is contained from the checklist onto the side.

    AND in the event left and right appropriate subexpressions are accurate, resolves to precise, otherwise untrue

    OR – in case both of those abandoned or appropriate subexpressions are accurate, resolves to precise, otherwise untrue.

    By default option, this can go back to the very first fifty responsibilities. Give a PageSize parameter to bring significantly more than fifty responsibilities. Watch paging to learn more.

    After a pending undertaking’s features upgrade, the DutyDuty is going to undoubtedly be re-drive throughout the workflow identify with the workflows related to the endeavor. Based upon your Work-flow’s filters, then TaskRouter can proceed with the Duty to another TaskQueue. Age this DutyDuty will continue being the same. In the event the endeavor transfer to some fresh TaskQueue, its TaskQueue standing by additional activities will probably decide by its era and priority, even as standard.

    For most pending bookings related to all the delete undertakings, these also delete at work deletion time.