C# Map
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C# Map

A C# Map can be an unordered selection of person Map things. You may discover the complete API reference documentation for Sync Map Things right here.

A Couple of notes on Sync Maps:

Total map alteration history continues with just about every shift that activates a brand new revision.

Stringent buying of C# Map mutation occasions is ensured; however, also the map thing dictate isn’t specified.

Automagically option, data stays forever, but maps will probably perish and be automatically deleted if flooding is configured by way of the TTL parameter.

C# Map possessions

Every single thing root useful resource gets got the subsequent houses.

Particular identify and expiry date features are all discretionary and can be null.

Produce a SyncMap source



Produce a brand new Map for the occasion of this service, proactively providing it with a more special title and delegating an expiry deadline. Retrieve a set of most of the Maps belonging for the occasion of the service.

By default option, this can return the very first fifty C# Map. Give a PageSize parameter to bring up to a hundred products at the same time. Watch paging to learn more. Gently delete a specific Map together side all products owned by it in the provided Sync assistance occasion.