What does it mean to be blocked on the voice?
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What does it mean to be blocked on the voice?



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You’ve heard of the PSA or the propaganda, you’ve read about the Law of Attraction, and you even knew about the Law of Mind and The Law of Tone. But did you know what does it mean to be block on the voice?

Blocked on the voice is the way most people respond to information in the psychological sense. It’s a typical response to many information sources but can also get out of hand if left unaddressed. There are several reasons for this.

First, blocked on the voice is often caused by unrealistic expectations. Everyone expects success. We have a vision in our mind of what we want to happen and expect it to happen. And  what does blocked mean on the voice.

However, all ideas come with a whole object of success, and the concept of progress has different attributes for everyone. When we expect the world to turn around instantly, we set ourselves up for disappointment when it doesn’t happen that way.

Expectations are created. What do you think?

Second, expectations are create by what you think. What you feel about yourself, how you react to an event, the thought process you go through before making a decision, and even the way you present yourself and your personality are all shaped by what you think. When you are block on the voice, there are two main options: change the way you believe or accept what is and move on.

If you are blocking on the voice, one of the first things you can do is to change your thought process. You have to learn to detach from your thoughts so that you can see through them. If you accept that number you’re thinking, then you will not feel blocked. Allowing that you’re considering also frees you from holding onto the beliefs that make it impossible to be anything other than who you are.

Next, learn to say no to what blocks you. In other words, stop thinking about your blocked thoughts and start thinking about your possibilities. This will force you to see beyond what is and what you might be and open up new opportunities.


No matter how bad your blocked thought is, try to ignore it or at least come to a decision that you don’t need to react to it. Acknowledge it in a non-judgmental way and move on.

Next, consider any blocked thought as something that isn’t true. While there might be some truth to it, all opinions are just ideas. When you acknowledge your negative thinking as an idea, the burden of it no longer becomes yours.

This will also force you to do some soul searching to determine if what you have  told is true. There might be times when what you have  told is true, but for some people, it’s always been something else. Reconciling any negative belief to the truth will allow you to say no.

Finally, Practice saying no to your blocked thoughts. Remember to notice your tendency to respond to anything that triggers the same reaction as before. Practice being mindful of these trigger points, and you will be able to say no to your blocked thoughts. And a the voice what does blocked mean.

To sum up, what does it mean to be block on the voice? It suggests that you are not responding to your thought processes appropriately and are reacting to some underlying experience that is not real. Accepting this or reprogramming it with wisdom and self-knowledge is the only way to correct it.


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