Zenon Panoussis

Zenon Panoussis

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    Asterisk Numerous bindaddr bounty of Zenon Panoussis

    By: Zenon Panoussis,”

    Bounty: 67146 minutes 50, maximum One Hundred (Speak to me )

    Opened: Thirty Jan 2008

    View dilemma description in http://bugs.digium.com/view.php?id=11853.

    The law is to get a patch that’ll make it possible for both (a) numerous occurrences of bindaddr from sip.conf and also RTP.conf or, rather, (b) one particular incident of bindaddr that takes a comma-delimited collection of speeches. The limitation has to utilize the hottest stable asterisk discharge (perhaps not SVN, beta, RC solution and so forth ) during when it’s filed and shouldn’t violate whatever else.

    Digium’s code plans usually do not employ. The limitation has to be published below GPL2+ (v two or any later variation at Hernandez’s alternative ). The further difficulty in remark 0081436 isn’t a portion of this mission plus will not need to be resolve with software.