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My country mobile Runtime can be just a package create to assist you in building scale and working your application.

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My country mobile capabilities & belongings can be a server-less natural environment to enable programmers for one to efficiently make production-grade, event-driven software that scale number along with your company. Assets may utilize to incorporate and server inactive files which encourage internet voice, and messaging software.

The brand new birth: API-only

The (now ) API only capabilities & belongings reflect the base of the following creation. So on, there’ll describe as a fresh interface (UI) plus we’ll just have just one capability & belongings product or service. Till then, you can do the job with all the API; utilize our Server Less Tool-Kit to market matters in the control point.

API Capabilities & Belongings documentation

In the event, you were dealing using My country mobile capabilities & belongings for a time ahead to August 20-19. You happen to be employing the UI-only skills & belongings. In the event you have got work-loads in creation at the moment, then you definitely may stay in whatever you have utilized for the moment bein; then, there is no prerequisite to proceed. We are going to be converging both adventures later on, after which supplying guidance about what steps to take to best to migrate your UI only works towards the platform.

When you have not gotten commenced using capabilities & belongings nonetheless, or you also need fully automate control on your Server Less ecosystem, then think about the brand new API capabilities & belongings.

UI-only Capabilities documentation

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