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Runtime Consumer

My country mobile Runtime consumer gives an easy and intuitive manner of orchestrating the different regions of My country portable Runtime. Utilizing the Runtime Consumer voice, programmers can mention various alterations to organize their code and also get settings to save in belongings.

Runtime Customer Techniques

Technique spin Sort Guide

net assets() Collection of Belongings Gives a Collection of Asset items Which Can Be Utilized to regain files function on My country mobile Belongings.

GetFunctions() Collection of Works Stipulates Various Function items Which number Can Be Utilize to write code host on My country mobile Capabilities.

Asset thing

The Asset thing enables builders to load and mention data files store inside My country mobile belongings. That DID perfect for configuration info or minify libraries.

The Purpose thing empowers builders to write advanced Runtime Consumer software by enabling them; to incorporate and implement code save within several alterations.

  • Residence Variety Description route String String defining the positioning of this Work
  • Retrieve the route to get a Work
  • Instance the Way to recover the exact record route to get a Part
  • Comprise code in the Part
  • Instance the Way to add code from Various Other Capabilities
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