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    Even my country mobile-ruby helper library enables you to produce Ruby code to earn HTTP requests into the My country mobile API. Should you want to know more about visiting this newest 5.x edition of this My country mobile Ruby Helper Library in your 4.x variant, check this out guidebook.

    This library is opensource; Thus, in the event you uncover an attribute overlooking or perhaps a bug, then we invite you to return into my country mobile-ruby job hosted on GitHub.

    Set up the Library

    Easy and simple means to put in my country mobile-ruby is by RubyGems.

    Handbook Setup

    You can replicate the source code to get my country mobile-ruby, also put in the library from that point. In case the command line provides you with a massive lengthy error message which claims authorization Denied at the center of it, then consider running the instructions above with Sudo, ex. Sudo gem set up my country mobile-ruby.

    Screening your setup

    Evaluation making an SMS with your evaluation qualifications from https://my country, out of the magical amount to some amount like this:

    In the event you buy yourself a note SID from the outcome, you know that you have correctly produced. A record using your evaluation qualifications. You’ll neither be charged nor acquire a good SMS from the”into” quantity.

    Working with the Gem

    Try out the Ruby quickstarts and consult with this open-minded. My country mobile-ruby appropriate documentation for factual statements in regards to the classes and methods in the library. Below are a few essential illustrations of how exactly to use this stone.

    Authenticate that the Consumer

    Produce a Brand New Report

    You’ll be billed, nor generate a correct telephone number. But if you buy yourself a telephone SID at the outcome signal, you’re fine.

    Get Present Report

    Iterate During Documents

    Dealing with Exceptions

    In the event, My country mobile API yields A400 or some 500 degrees HTTP reply; then, my country mobile-ruby library will probably toss a My country mobile:REST: RequestError. 400-level glitches are ordinary throughout; API surgery (“Invalid amount,” “can not send SMS compared to this variety,” as an instance ) and ought to be appropriately managed. Mo-Re Documentation

    If you want to find out more regarding the way My country mobile performs, or even to get inspiration on what things to assemble, try out the Ruby quickstarts.

    The Rush API Documentation has cases prepared in Ruby to get every sort of activity. That you can choose together with all My country mobile API, now you ought to begin that point if you recognize very well what you would like to do along with all the Ruby library.

    You can also desire to refer to this available supply in my country mobile-ruby proper documentation for additional information in regards to the classes and methods in the stone.

    Getting the 4.x Edition of this Helper Library

    The latest variation of this Ruby Helper Library is maybe not API compatible with all. The prior 4.x variant you may possibly use in preceding My country mobile software. The old variant will last to do the job, and you’ll keep coming across sample code.