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Cdr Codec

Doe’s not utilized Cdr Codec Real-time.


SIPPEER([( thing ]) — for Asterisk 1.6

Valid things include:

Internet protocol address (default option ): The IP address speech.

Jack: The interface quantity. (1.6)

Mailbox: The most mailbox.

Circumstance: The configured circumstance.

Perish: At the epoch period of this following perish.

Can it be lively?

Callerid_name: The most configured caller-id identify.

Callerid_num: The most configured caller-id amount. (1.6)

Codecs: The most configured codecs number.

Standing: Standing (should qualifies).

Regexten: Enrollment expansion Cdr Codec

limitation: Telephone limitation (call-limit)

busy level: Configured telephone amount for signaling hectic (1.6)

circles: Present quantity of forecasts. Just readily available if call-limit is put

terminology: The default language for peer-reviewed

user-agent: Present user broker identification for peer-reviewed

codec[x ray ]: chosen codec index variety’x’ (you start with zero).

Accountcode: appreciate accountcode area of CDR files for calls Originating out of the peer-to-peer