Log Asterisk

Log Asterisk

Inch ) Telephony Components setup and error discovering from the bodily gear, Log Asterisk, relations, and cabling

two ) Configuration Depending Around the settings documents and also telephone tackling

3) Center applications, Studying the C modules and code

Telephony Components

Asterisk doesn’t need any telecom components to use VOIP. However, it’s adaptable enough to join with from conventional phone lines and specs, possibly in the place of or also to VOIP terminals. Conventional phone lines (FXO, FXS, t 1, e one, and so forth ) are typical handle by way of the Zaptel IP drivers.

ZAP Components

To ensure that which apparatus is configured and available to use from the device, variety ZAP demonstrates CHANNELS in the console instant. For particular additional info regarding any channel, variety ZAP demonstrates CHANNEL X (where X could be your quantity ). Bear in mind that stations don’t work whenever they aren’t physically associated with an actual, operating telephone line-up — that the Dial command will go back all of the channels busy/congest. If stations aren’t displayed, then timing to reevaluate zapata.conf and zaptel.conf make certain that mod probe(therefore )achieved, and ztcfg operated.

SIP Components

These SIP Stations are just displaying if enroll

And SIP Demonstrate In-use will record all of SIP extensions described in SIP.CONF

If SIP SHOW CHANNELS will record all of the SIP extensions enrolled at the point


Asterisk will commonly catch the card and utilize it since the games console i/o. It follows that conducting a SIP softphone to an identical host will always be complicated. Asterisk intended to function as standalone without x windows GUI for optimal effectiveness — are expectant of inferior sound quality in case you take to this out.


Where review of those setup files neglects, the most straightforward thing will always be to show debugging/trace output signal on. To bring this output signal to the game display screen, only include”, debug” by the ending of the console setup line-up — that the sample documents possess an alternate line-up for the particular text in place. Subsequently, variety”LOGGER ROTATE” in the games display screen, along with most significant telecom occasions, are pouring outside. These may likewise be created into your log record to get a more sophisticated investigation.

Telephone Log

An asterisk by default option writes into this machine log in Comprehensive telephone document, such for instance:

http://www.nextbus.com/nextbus3.mipl”,”2004-12-09 13:14:41″

,”2004-12-09 13:14:44″,”2004-12-09 13:14:53″,12,9,”ANSWERED”,”DOCUMENTATION”

Message Log

Or, if you’re experiencing issues grabbing irregular issues in the own body, look at adding extra details about this Asterisk content log. If You Have a Look at logger.conf, you may find something such as:

Observe you Have to restart Asterisk or kind LOGGER ROTATE in the CLI to Find this particular change to take effect (Re-load does not take action )

Core Pc Software Debugging

Whereby the behavior of this application form isn’t needlessly to say, much more severe application debugging could be deemed necessary.

“strace” can provide you a few very helpful advice. Watch guy strace. It can be listing system requirements and signals.

I would run asterisk at a debugger product. Compile everything with all the -gram GCC selection so the debugger may display code traces. After this app ceases, the curser is going to be abandoned over the previous point implemented, and also you may make this to”run backward” and determine exactly how you have there.

An Important Notice on Distributing Backtraces

After having a backtrace to get programmers to assist you in fixing an issue, it’s quite vital that you simply construct asterisk together with”produce tidy; create Valgrind; create a setup.” This will definitely turn off optimizations; therefore, we could possibly find yourself a readable backtrace.

Thank you!

Strategies for Asterisk 1.4

The two items that you Ought to Make Certain You let if you compile asterisk:



These are able to be toggled underneath Log Asterisk the”Compiler Flags” alternatives whenever you really do a little”create menu select.” Make certain you keep these things flipped (I.E., that an Asterisk close for these ).

After that, adhere to the instructions for receiving a backtrace using GDB. These are able to be located in the document”asterisk/doc/backtrace. Txt”.

I’d Indicate That you difficulty these days, to create your own life simple;

Script backtrace.txt <- This can take up a typescript session, and this catches the Input / Output out of the semester to some document known as”backtrace.txt.”

After getting to gdb, then difficulty: “put pagination away” to reverse of paging.

After that, receive your backtrace, depart of GDB in order to locate an associated dilemma around the bug tracker (or even make a fresh topic ) to place your own backtrace to. Can NOT place your backtrace into #asterisk-dev or even #asterisk-bugs on Freenode, since this is only going to annoy the programmers that are an average of busy others.

Naturally, you will Have to have gdb installed onto your own system

100 percent CPU

Are you really convinced the Asterisk method died, and it is maybe not merely suspended in an infinite loop or even awaiting for something which won’t ever transpire? Exactly what does”ps” state?


Are you currently really running safe_asterisk? If that’s the case, decide to try to alter safe_asterisk—CONSOLE=certainly to CONSOLE=no.

Debugging a working asterisk

List each of the asterisk threads together with ps Axum -do asterisk to come across the ribbon, which chooses probably the maximum CPU. Now join together with gdb:

Gdb /usr/sbin/asterisk P Id

And also do”bt” and place the past couple of traces into the subscriber list…


In case asterisk is behaving like in departing, issue the control

And this ought to permit asterisk to lose some core file it may.

How-to Debug a DeadLock at Asterisk

Inch ) From the asterisk makefile that you Want to uncomment

That differently will only crank out a verbose warning message, so you prolly don’t even want a try so on generation but

For analyzing that is a useful option as the center tends to reveal off everything exactly was happening involving your threads.

Grep the resources such as your CRASH macro do find below exactly what conditions this could happen

Two ) Turn-on Verbose logging

Present-day Cvs at Feb

1 ) 2004 makes it possible for verbose msg to become photographed watch logger.conf insert VERBOSE into the messages document.

This Will Permit You to log ast_verbose msg’s into the logs Therefore that we could

Find out exactly what the bt threads do with Time arrangement order

ReCreate the problem That Cause heart or deadlock

3) If you deadlock do not restart the menu restart asterisk

Take the 5 mins Whilst Everybody Is freaking outside to Add gdb to the conducting asterisk Procedure and perform

gdb /usr/sbin/asterisk

You also are able to procure the asterisk” Procedure Identification Number (PID) from asterisk -Indicator (“-> now managing on (P Id =9075)”). Be aware: When the box has been genuinely hosed & obstructed on all I/O this may neglect too, you need to utilize ps ax) or try to find lowest P Id soon after carrying out ps ax -do asterisk.

4) later gdb heaps do

Info thread

thread apply all bt

In the least that, you might be presently likely to conserve bt output signal to your own document and place that to bugs.digium.com.

5) Discover deceased reconditioned threads Through This blueprint

This implies we’re in delay wanting that the Log Asterisk mutex lock

0 0x400c787e from sigsuspend () from lib/libc. Thus.6

inch 0x40022879 at __pthread_wait_for_restart_signal () from lib/libpthread. Thus.0

two 0x40024a36 at __pthread_alt_lock () from lib/libpthread. Thus.0

3 0x40020fd2 from pthread_mutex_lock () from lib/libpthread. S O.0

Be aware apparently, perhaps not all methods employ the”pthread_wait_for_restart_signal,” therefore, that I suppose that you could only need to scan at least”pthread_mutex_lock.” Now you may under normal circumstances find multiple of these brilliant layouts as a ribbon is lifelessly secured to the mutex lock, and other threads that need precisely the exact same lock will probably pile up fast.

6) Attempt to spot the very first screw thread, which is lifeless.

The string quantity of bt threads isn’t relevant, as threads have been reused.

Be aware that the FRAME quantity only before accomplishing”pthread_mutex_lock()” (which can actually be the # 1 0, #1 ), Number 2, variety directly soon after bt THREAD quantity ).

Log files usually are in / / var/log/asterisk/ / .

7) Locate the place

We now have our probable party whilst the very first online to your own lock perform

ribbon to your THREAD of attention

framework to your framework before the pthread_mutex_lock ()

This should be inside our asterisk resources directly, where we now predict ast_mutex_lock(). File the title of this lock was attempting for e.g., ast_mutex_lock(&agentlock).

8) Assess with got the lock

Now when we’ve precisely switched ribbon, we are getting to become capable of seeing to include/asterisk/lock. F ast_mutex_t struct that seems in this way

pthread_mutex_t mutex;

So today, we now have our lock; we are able to view who’s it what we’re waiting for. Perform the subsequent bt cmds

This is actually the utility code that’s retaining the lock which individuals wish to check at.

9) Today comes the tough part…:-RRB-

What’s that this code for a reason this ribbon, document, work, line-up perhaps not discharging lock? We must currently reinstall the code assessing all areas at which lock has been placed and published Searching to get

areas, where there are a lock hierarchy and locks, have been put and also published from Various sequence,

(there’s an Exact Same principle for locking rows at a SQL DB: You Need to lock & discharge in an Identical sequence everywhere)

Areas at which a lock has been kept over long for and while loops, prior to phoning more conducting purposes

(there’s certainly an Exact Same principle for SQL D B trades: invest in and out fast )

Usually, do Not mutex lock critical segment at which we may get working system signs

Do not Forget about Asterisk’s Logging Characteristics (see previously )

You should actually wish to see what is happening at beneath the hood You May begin Asterisk utilizing:

You may readily be expecting 5 to 5 10mb an hour or so output signal.