Curl Basic Auth
Curl Basic Auth - My Country Mobile

Curl Basic Auth

Even the Credentials Relaxation API Enables You to Add Manifeste Keys into My country mobile and handle them manually. The very first product which benefits from manifesto Keys is public-key consumer Validation.

API Foundation URL

All of the URLs from the mention documentation utilize the next foundation URL.

All orders into the Qualifications Relaxation API are function on HTTPS. Unencrypted HTTP not support.

HTTP Basic Auth

HTTP requests into the Remainder API are shield using HTTP Basic auth such as other Relaxation APIs Supply by My country mobile. To find out much more about the way that My country mobile manages authentication, make sure you consult with your stability documentation.

In summary, you use your My country mobile accounts SID while your username as well as your auth token while the password used to get HTTP Basic auth.

Relaxation API

You may discover your accounts SID along with auth Ignore from the admin bar. Alternatively, you may even the number of utilizing API secrets and keys to authenticate relaxation API asks – you also can take care of API crucial pairs from the games additionally.

You May Use the My country mobile Helper Libraries to socialize together with the Credentials Relaxation End Points. Below are the tools You Are Going to Be Reaching through the Remainder API.