Sample vxml application

Sample vxml application

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    The Sample XML application, Employ a Voice record in Excess of Asterisk (based upon your VX I * Voice Internet Browser). This asterisk app is now renamed proximal considering that variant 14. The application usage Asterisk inner API (Immediate / DTMF / / document) and set up the software.



    — Sound (drama and document gsm, URL, Wav, WAV documents )

    — Online Video (drama record h263, mp4, 3gp documents )

    — DTMF (bargain service )

    — Move (utilize Dial/Transfer software and also to swap using Asterisk function/variables also )

    — Text to speech (many TTS supported using HTTP jack, number, along with Festival/Flite along with Unimrcp software )

    — Computerized Speech Recognition (Nuance, Lunenvox, Verbio, V-tech, VoiceInteraction, Vestec, utilize Asterisk Speech API or even Unimrcp )

    — Makes up about Internet Hosting (ranges, URL, analytics, maximum restrictions )


    — Setup manual

    Setup documents

    The event the factor VXML URL(or even VXML URL2) is put if XML can be conducted, then the worth of the factor is going to function whilst the URL if maybe not the parameter is put into the application.

    In the event the factor VXML ID is put when XML is conducting, the VoiceXML SESSION ID factor refers to as”” is put on this specific respect (from the VoiceXML implementation session circumstance ).

    This event the factor VXML PARAM is put if Vxml is conducted, then the price of the factor is going to be applied because”telephone.param” (from the VoiceXML implementation session circumstance.

    Subsequent to implementation, the VoiceXML effect pass with all the labels and also the land ‘Expr’ can be obtained with all the changeable VXML RESULT.