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AMI can be a module-based frame prepared in PHP to administrate your Acami. PBX by way of an internet browser. Now under development, however, intending to discharge so on with the entire commissioned number plan(optimized for European end-users who have attention on ISDN).

Present Attributes:

Insert or alter expansion and Hotmail account in minutes

Supports SIP, IAX, along with ZAP customers

Supports all Asterisk supported back technology

Lessen extended distance prices using LCR (utilizing LCR routing out of

Trail incoming calls predicated on Time of day

Heal callers together with Queues

Add Custom Made jelqing audio (MOH)

Discover and Get incoming faxes

Gadget provisioning (Presently just Snom — many others may follow shortly )

Look at expansion and backward position together with Flash Operator Panel

These attributes will soon accompany quickly:

Method Recordings Wizard

IV R Menu magician

Person management section to include, alter, edit customers

ACL Assistance to your GUI to discuss administrative responsibilities

Assist for SQLite

altered Music On Hold Module in the order we could manage Various MOH-classes of Acami

altered DIDs Module in order, we could put in time checks for every DID and Don’t Want the Worldwide ones just any Lengthier

Mo Re Apparatus Type-S for Auto-provisioning (i.e. Thomson, Polycom, Sipura, Cisco, etc.. )

Mo-Re reverted kinds (i.e. C Api, mISDN, vISDN etc.. )

altered Extensions Insert Wizard which utilizes bunch templates

altered Devices Insert Wizard which utilizes bunch templates

a module to Add and handle snom firmware for Distinct telephones