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My country mobile Flex incorporates with your active identification company to authenticate clients (representatives, administrators, or supervisors ) and empower only sign-on (SSO).

Flex permits integration together with almost any Identity supplier, which supports SAML 2.0 (like Google, Active listing, Okta( and so forth ), allowing one to employ your chief company accounts while the id supplier for Flex Dialpad.

Configuring SSO along with IdP at Flex Dialpad Login

Your consumers may continue with their company identities and never force to consider a lot of passwords or force to retype passwords every and every time that they get an alternative service-connect to precisely the same Identity Supplier. The right illustration Id Provider is currently Okta. SAML can be an XML-based markup language for stability assertions (claims which providers utilize to earn access control conclusions ). My country mobile Flex works by using SAML model 2.0.

Supplier (SP) – My country mobile Flex inside this circumstance could be your agency supplier configure within a Program in an id Supplier make it possible for only sign-on.

Prove your Id Supplier to Encourage My Country Mobile Flex

The measures to put in Flex within a program (Support Supplier ) in your Coding Provider is going to differ based on which id company your business makes use of. Below you can find the documentation needed to install Flex Being a Supplier at a couple of popular escrow Suppliers:

Your id Provider will offer numerous asserts (key-value pairs) into Flex. Four of Them Are compulsory: Specific ID/User ID, a listing of User Functions, Name, and Mail. The exceptional ID ought to be given while in the request header, so therefore that it’s most likely you not will need to set it.

Flex contains These Functions.

The consumer data provide for Flex in your identification company is saved from the TaskRouter employee features. This lets one while the contact center developer to accommodate the Flex UI making use of data in. Regards to the logged-in PersonPerson in the own Identity supplier. The Employee features made to your logged-in consumer will upgrade on just about. Every robust SSO logs in; therefore, any alterations to person data manufacturer on your id Provider are also reflecting as employee features.

The characteristics could be broken into 3-categories.

Wanted: This listing of compulsory parameters demanded Authentication and Licensed

Flex – Agent: All these are parameters Utilized with the Agent Desk-top of Flex Dialpad

Flex Insights: All these guidelines are also Recommend If You’re Utilizing the Flex Insights capacities of Flex

Characteristic conversion along with information kinds

Automatically, all features will likely alter as sequences too. TaskRouter features except functions feature that doubles into a string array (comma as separator).

It’s likely to say precisely the characteristic form from the original name :

Cases Dialpad Login

Incorrectly specifying the feature kind and price (case in point skill.int understood to be”that a” or ability .int understood to be”1.23″) will lead in Flex projecting an – four hundred Error invalid feature API format. No more TaskRouter alterations will probably be manufactured in the event the specific definition(s) are wrong.

Be aware that functions can be a particular feature that takes a comma-separated collection of services and doesn’t need casting to a string array.

Contact_uri Characteristic

Both TaskRouter can utilize Contact_uri along with My country mobile Voice SDK to dequeue a telephone (added facts ). By default option, the phone will be dequeue into the employee’s contact_uri feature making use of My country mobile’s Java Script Voice consumer (instance: consumer:userId). Even the contact_uri is mechanically configuring with Flex Dialpad Login and; will not have to get a place inside your Identity supplier. The particular identity worth is going to likely escape just to include things like alphanumeric and underscore characters.

On dequeue to those identities, then the contact_uri ought to be put in your Identity supplier.

If dequeuing the telephone to a global number, make sure you be sure that the vacation destination nation is allowed in My country mobile Console > Programmable Voice > phone calls and Geo Permissions.

You may even specify the TaskRouter ability each station via such features, by way of instance. A fresh user keeps into Flex can obtain for voice activities and; possess a default option conversation capability of either 1. These Can alter with custom features:

These distinctive features might be Shap to any one of those TaskChannels you’ve identified in your Flex TaskRouter work-space.

How Can My Country Mobile Deal with Identities?

Each Person who reproduces into My country mobile Flex through SAML Identification Company will automatically Come to Be A-FLEX Consumer.

Flex may even auto-provision a TaskRouter employee with this particular identity. TaskRouter reaches the heart of Flex Dialpad Login and will need to empower smart skills-based routing of activities for Supervisors.

Anytime a consumer logs into to Flex, all asserts pass have been assessing and upgrade if need, utilizing the id Provider while the way to obtain the truth. If you’d like to update a specific Worker feature individually, then you should don’t put in it at the id company claims/attributes.

Flex Employing Identification Provider initiated Dialpad Login.

Certainly, once furnished, this lets IdP-initiated login to the path right into Flex. In case your representatives utilize Flex out of Flex. My country mobile.com; then supply the log in link recorded inside your SSO Configuration. As an instance:

If not, you’d utilize your very own personal Flex URL.

Could I log in to Flex Agent Desktop with no Id Company?

Yes, even My country mobile Console end-users (besides the ones which are merely Billing or even Service functions within just Console) have usage of Flex. They can establish Flex from inside of the My country mobile Console; plus, they’ll log in using all the Flex admin part.

Even the My country mobile Console won’t mechanically establish Flex, whether it’s self-host on the following domain name. My country mobile Console End Users. Using a self-hosted Example of Flex may Log in by Your Flex Dialpad Login Log-in Look at.

In case the SSO feature was giving on your app settings. Subsequently, that login view is going to be online spill loading probably. You may take away the SSO feature to re-enable this specific login perspective. Even the Runtime Domain (offer in the SSO Configuration) can utilize to rather trigger SSO login.

How can I sign into to some self-hosted domain name?

For the own security, all of or any domain needs to be; whitelist using My country mobile to empower SSO to log in. These routines may utilize if supplying a Dependable DomainName:

Even the * may simply utilize to wildcard subdomains. By way of instance. for example, .*.com or even example*.com isn’t supporting.


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