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How To Send A Fax?

This guidebook outlines the best way to ship a facsimile in shared world comprehensive web languages along with cURL. To send A Fax facsimile with My country mobile Programmable Fax, you may Utilize the My country mobileFax Relaxation API.

Each facsimile you ship will probably need:

  • A URL which points into the press Which Will Be Transmitted through facsimile
  • Now this must be a PDF document (see under )
  • Fax Good Quality and Resolution

Send A Fax a facsimile

a grade worth may likewise be furnished: should maybe not, caliber defaults into a nice number. Be aware a few destination facsimile hardware might well not encourage increased quality rates, and you’ll probably want to define a reduced caliber to guarantee to ship. Lower-quality also commonly requires the time and energy to ship.

Fax Position Call-backs 

When sending a facsimile, standing facts might transmit to some call back URL. My country mobile will save duplicates of PDFs for shipped. Even the PDFs offer in the URL given over the Fax case Re-Source.

Log info for every single facsimile will probably be around by way of the others. API to get a hundred and eighty times later production. When older facsimile records are all pruned; My country mobile additionally simplifies the press related to the documents that are overburden. In the event you prefer to delete info previously that, you’re able to remove only the news, or even the complete source, for example, social press.

Staying Away from Media Storage

You may make use of the StoreMedia=fictitious parameter around the API. Send A Fax My country mobile to manually delete the facsimile media when the transmission is not complete. This parameter defaults true when slumping.

When StoreMedia=fictitious has been defined, the press kept temporarily throughout the extraction procedure. It is our right following the facsimile was finished, either once the facsimile triumph or neglected. But, My country mobile even now keeps a metadata listing of those shipped facsimile. In the event you prefer to delete this particular record. You certainly can do this utilizing that the other API.

Nowadays, you discover just how exactly to ship faxes with share common web languages along with cURL and hear in regards to some properties you are going to have to use probably. Wish to view much more? Then find out the Fax Relaxation API documentation.