Run cmd as system

Run cmd as system

Run cmd as a system, Please see the Asterisk wiki up to date advice — App_System Documentation

For historical significance, the first piece of advice is still below.

Submit an application (Steam shell) control


The Technique (control ) — Technique command

This Technique (control arg1 arg2 and so on ) — Transport in certain discussions

For Technique (control |args) — Make Use of the Conventional asterisk syntax to maneuver arguments

Specialized Data

Executes a control with the program ().

The technique () moves the series unaltered platform (3). Jogging”guy 3 method” will reveal Just What method (3) will:

/ / bin/sh -c string, and returns immediately after the control was finished.

Hence technique (control arg1 arg2 and so forth ) is utilized to maneuver together disagreements.

Yield codes

The technique (control ): Executes a control with program (). In case the command fails, then the console needs to report a fallthrough.

In the event, you have to come back a particular price (series ) into the dialplan then utilize AGI or Asterisk Func casing as shown in Asterisk 1.6.0.

Impact of implementation would be returned from the SYSTEM STATUS station factor:

FAILURE Run cmd as system Can Barely execute the Designated control

Good results stated control successfully implemented

APP ERROR brought on such as once you attempt to manually delete file however, the document wasn’t there.

Be aware — perhaps not record, but could additionally reunite APP ERROR

observe — ” I really don’t appear to have the ability to develop a circumstance if FAILURE is going to undoubtedly be returning.

So far like I am able to know that it can reunite APP ERROR as soon as the command exits having a non zero return value.

Mature behavior:

In case the Run cmd as system control itself implements however is an error, of course when there’s a priority n + 101, where’n” could be your concern of this present case, then a station is going to be set up to continue at the degree level. Be aware this jump functionality was deprecated and may just occur in the call event the worldwide defect bypassing choice is allowed in extensions.conf (priorityjumping=certainly ).


My partner acquired a telephone by PG&E and recognized the terror of Procedure ()


Running Procedure () includes Usage of some app that the consumer operating asterisk has accessibility to

Caller-id could be put with a distant Consumer

Case in Point Run cmd as system

Exten => 200,2,technique (/ / bin/echo –e-mail “`In-Coming Phone From: $undefined \\page1=186 acquired: $undefined'”|/ / usr/bin/smbclient -M target_netbiosname)

Step inch

By Employing perl I manage to Protect Against the Very First case but I am convince the chance remains there:

Exten => 200,1,Set(CALLERID(identify )=PG&bin/echo BADIDEA p /ROOTED.txt)

Exten => 200,2,technique (/ / bin/perl -e’print In-Coming Phone From:”. / / usr/bin/smbclient -M target_netbiosname)

Step Two

Okay song this on a own liking:

/usr/bin/smbclient -M target_netbiosname)

Up Date!! Asterisk-1.4 yields 0 (as it will ) if your regex matches. As an alternative make use of the work FILTER.

/usr/bin/smbclient -M target_netbiosname)

I want to know from you whenever you realize the other manner…

What is wrong with making use of Procedure (su userWithNoRights -c all”some control”)?