How to configure asterisk to send sms

How to configure asterisk to send sms



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How to configure Asterisk to send SMS?

Send out text into this client to the associated station.

This app takes a text string argument and efforts to ship it into the calling consumer by means of the send text functioning of this station motorist.

Send a Text Chat

Watch the station motorist instruction for the assist of text. Back in Asterisk SIP, as an instance, send text API is executed by way of the SIP communication process, delivering pay info while in the signaling messages using articles kind text/plain. This usually means any SIP mobile that implements the SIP communication system ought to really support it.

The applying doesn’t encode characters in virtually any exceptional manner, but it only enters the text buffer into the station motorist service regular.

Load app_sendtext.

Be aware: You can contemplate utilizing Dial() together with all the’M’ substitute for telephone SendText() upon a link that is successful. In this manner, SendText() can be utilized additionally on outbound calls, but maybe not on inbound kinds.


Asterisk currently has routine protocol separate assist for processing messages out a telephone. Messages have been sent via the Asterisk dial plan. SIP concept and XMPP now encourage. You will find various options in jabber.conf and also sip.conf allowing empowering those attributes.

Jabber.conf: visit that the”send to dial plan” along with”circumstance” possibilities.

Sip.conf: view that the”accept_outofcall_message”,”auth_message_requests” along with”outofcall_message_context” possibilities.

Even the communication () dial plan work and MessageSend() app are inserted to processes along for this specific functionality. More comprehensive usage advice is located on the Asterisk wiki (

New at Asterisk 1.8: SendText is currently employed in chan_gtalk along with chan_jingle. It is going to just mail XMPP texting into the distant JID.


Exten => 1 2 3, 1 ), Response

Exten => 1 2 3, two, SendText(hi earth )

exten => 1 2 3, 3, hang-up

Be aware: The Response on how to configure Asterisk to send SMS measure in priority inch will become necessary, as the station has to become set before anything else might be transmitted onto it. Examine auto-answer style onto your own mobile, quite possibly with the Asterisk .call document (or even SIPSAK) to send out texts out of the remote apparatus or approach.

Acquiring text together with Asterisk

Asterisk Doesn’t Have a ReceiveText() dial plan App, but Here’s the Way You Can Deliver and Get text Working with an AGI script:

Print STDERR” inch

If 1 2 3 (see illustration above) is referred to as to a SNOM telephone, you ought to hang-up and also the concept Waiting Indicator lamp will probably begin archiving. The monitor will signify”SMS.” Press that the SMS soft-key (snom190) and also the converse button (Snom 320/360) along with also the display screen will show the exact message, either exhibited to derive in 1 2 3. To the Snom 320 you might have two ×2 four characters without the caller-id / Harness extension to produce the number of concepts; scrolling is impossible. Seemingly the Snom 190 reveals the SMS is just supposing it’s significantly less than nine char very long.

Firmware 4.0 & 4.1 It works the SIPSAK alternative”-O background”, simply place the telephone preferences”assist divided registrar” into”on” and”Extended SIP-Contact (RFC3840)” into”away” and”Refer-To Brackets” into”away”. But of course, it is only going to take care of the telephone has been the answer. In the event, you really don’t desire this usage, SIPSAK by way of technique () or even TrySytem() from Asterisk to mail a note.

Firmware 3.60Indicator

Partial accomplishment with Asterisk 1.0.2bristuffed as well as also a SNOM lineup to auto-answer style: based on your line SIP placing”assist divided registrar” that the SNOM 360 will reply with”404 Not Found” (damaged registrar OFF) or”200 OK” (damaged sender ON) in conjunction with Asterisk’s SendText() software. SIPSAK additionally performs, however, just whenever the possibility”-O background” is used.

Firmware 3.60Id: Though preceding example provides a desirable consequence of showing the exact information, the modern alterations (3.60I) of all SNOM telephone firmware possess a routine bug, so that they delivered a mix formulated 200 OK answers back into your host.

Firmware 3.56y: The snom200 cellphone doesn’t employ finding a note request inside of a conversation. It yields a”501 Not Implemented” message, even though you’re able to send out the out-of-dialog concept asks productively.

Cisco Phones

Together with chan_sccp2 variant 20051019, SendText has been encouraging.

Substitute Techniques

Produce a Personalized SIP header using SIPAddHeader and take your text inside, browse it it using Asterisk func sip_header

Make Use of the IAX2 patch 7619 That May take factors out of Asterisk into Asterisk

In the event of 2 Asterisk boxes attached via a analog lineup: Use Asterisk cmd SendDTMF and also Asterisk cmd Examine and encode your text message because Asterisk DTMF — to get a connected (non-Asterisk) answer Have a Look at M-f TeleType

Utilize Asterisk’s Asterisk cmd Sms program to deliver and Get brief messages


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