Cmd special characters

Cmd special characters

Claims a series of characters, cmd special characters quantities, or chosen alternative personalities.


SayAlpha(series )


Says just about every part at the series, just one, at the speech picked (defaults into English).

Exclusive Characters

SayAlpha will talk all numbers and letters, and also the next specific characters:

! Exclamation-point

@ in

# lb

per greenback

* celebrity

— dashboard

+ and

= equals

/ Optimize

” (a vacant distance ) distance


Utilizing every special part from the Say Alpha command can create the expansion calling to depart non zero and also the telephone is going to be resumed.

Be aware that SayAlpha will number of discount the only quotation (‘) and double quotation (“) personality.


SayAlpha(Abc-123 ); nonetheless”A-b c two “

SayAlpha(abc 1-2 +3#); nonetheless”A-b c distance two and three lb”