Asterisk Message Send Example

Asterisk Message Send Example

Asterisk Message sends Example 10 currently has routine protocol separate assist for processing messages out a telephone. Messages have been sent via the Asterisk dial plan. SIP concept and XMPP now encourage. You will find various options in jabber.conf and also sip.conf allowing empowering those attributes.

Jabber.conf: visit that the”send to dial plan” along with”circumstance” possibilities.

Sip.conf: view that the”accept_outofcall_message”,”auth_message_requests” along with”outofcall_message_context” possibilities.

Even the communication () dial plan work and MessageSend() app are inserted to processes along for this specific number functionality.

Certainly. The Asterisk Messagesend Example, syntax Is like this Variable: header at additional AMI controls features,

Such as for instance Originate. Rather than establishing a dialplan factor mesaage, but you

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