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Saytext App

Programs Saytext App, The Festival opensource address synthesizer (you want to possess put in) to build the designated text as a solid flow. When present, it defines the switches, which, when dialed from the caller, may create the enjoying with this noise flow to discontinue, and also for Festival yields the button pushed. In the event, you define precisely the ink keys parameter as”some other.” Subsequently, Festival will go back in the first available button regardless of what it’s. Take observe IP, and the int keys parameter needs to be included by single quotes (‘), and also there should be no distance involving text, both the comma and keys (see instance).

Say text App

essential’, ‘some’); be aware of quotations without any distances

Recall to Response the station before utilizing the Festival command.

Saytext App

You will get far Saytext App better results employing the technique control to get Festival’s text2wave app to yield a.WAV document, then use the Asterisk cmd track record or even play-back controls instead of utilizing Asterisk’s Festival command.

Percent text2wave -o my -O Type U Law

Will shoot a text out of stdin and create a solid record of their written text from law format. You may utilize play-back (my file) to engage in it as a result of an asterisk.

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